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Will the money stay in my account for a while?

So, I’ve been thinking to use Fiverr to sell and have some money, but I’m 14-years old. However, I searched Google and It’s fine to use it even though I’m still under-18. The only problem is PayPal. I need help from my parent so that I can use it. So I have a question. Can the money from the buyer stay in my account for a while until I get a PayPal? In that way, I can convince my Dad to make me a PayPal account without him getting angry at me, lol. If it’s that way, I can post my first gig, and when a buyer buys it, I can show it to my Dad and have a higher chance of him making me a PayPal account!


Exactly, do it the way you just explained, am sure your dad will be convinced seen that you been paid for the service you rendered

As someone that has worked with kids for years (your age, too), only you know your dad: my parents personally would have gotten angry if I started making money/using this site behind their backs - not because of what I would have been doing but because I hid it from them. THAT being said, it might take a while for you to get your first order to start with; so you do have plenty of time to convince your dad!
(but yes, you can keep the money you earn on your Fiverr balance, nothing will happen to it!)

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