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Will the review/rating go away if you cancel an order?

I did this flyer for this buyer, her response rate is awful,she leaves during many important conversation and returns after 10-11 hours or more, so i had to stay online and cant do any work without her requirements.When the delivery time is 10 minutes and she gave me lots of changes and i was furious about it, but i did the revisions.After changing all the requirements exactly as she asked she gave me 3 star review even when i gave her a 5 star.I should have given her a 1 star if i could, as a seller i cant do anything.
My question is after the order completed successfully, if I cancel my order, will the review 3 star stays?
If there is any way to remove this 3 star review from my profile ?

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No you can’t.

Otherwise people would do this to get back at a buyer for not giving the buyer the review they want and also try to engineer their account to only show the results they want, which is a disservice to prospects and defeats the purpose of reviews.


If there is any way to remove this 3 star review from my profile?Like if i cancel my order.

I just said you can’t. That’s literally what my whole post to you was about and I explained why you can’t.

You can’t engineer your account to only show the results you want. That defeats the purpose of reviews which are supposed to serve prospects, not you.


This is when I would have canceled. :zipper_mouth_face: