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Will there be any problem with my gig

Will there be any problem with my account if I post my gig every day besides discussing something related to fiverr?

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You mean in the “Your Fiverr Gigs” or “Improve My Fiverr Gig” category of the forum?

I suppose you could post it in those categories all you like, but, posting your Gig in the forum is not where you will likely find buyers if that was your intent.


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As mentioned above, it depends on where you post. Most social media sites have rules about external links, and what does and does not count as spam. It’s in Fiverr’s ToS to not break 3rd party ToS, so if you don’t follow the rules, yes you could get in trouble.

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Fiverr is watching your comment here

Why not ask yourself if that is respectful and effective instead (it isn’t no matter where you’re doing it).

Atop thinking that posting repeatedly makes sales more likely. It doesn’t and it’s rude and annoying.

and its not allowed to promote your gig in Forum. This is a forum not a social media.