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Will there be consideration if this happens?

Just wanted to know, I’m from South Africa and there is a possibility if this virus spread exponentially that we may lose electricity and internet services etc. Will fiverr consider these extenuating circumstances with regards to gig rating and rankings or not. I am so close to reaching all criteria to be considered for Top Rated Seller, a couple of years of hard work. Wish all of you and your families the best, stay safe.


Hello, I feel for you. We all have these types of unknowns at this time.

All we can do is just see what happens.

I feel your pain. My Internet has been out since February and we have had a ton of p-powercuts recently due to one of the main supply cables from Sicily being cut.

Sadly, unless it is a major disaster like a hurricane, I don’t think Fiverr does make provisions for events like this. So far I’m not aware of any related to the Coronavirus crisis, despite a few community suggestions.

My solution is to use mobile data. (Cellphone signals don’t usually drop when there is a power cut) As well as that, I have a tablet PC always on charge that can get me 12-hours of battery life if I need it. You can also get power bricks that plug into wall sockets and act as a backup battery for PCs when the power goes out. In this case, you may want to see if you can grab something like that.


I’ve been through two hurricanes and wasn’t aware of any special concessions from fiverr. I didn’t actually need them as I went out of office for a few days when we were in blackout conditions at the worst parts.

I made an inquiry about something like this happening like a natural disaster and was told that no concessions would be made. I’ve gone to super human lengths a few times to keep my fiverr business running smoothly.

If there is any possible way on earth to keep this continuing to operate during the worst of a crisis I will do it. Cyaxrex has some excellent suggestions.


The upright ones seem a bit better (like a mini-tower). You could get 2, like a brick type one and an upright one and split the number of things connected between them and get more battery backup life as well as more sockets. Though mine only gives about 50 mins on each.


That’s the problem, they give a very limited time. Whenever we’ve had a blackout here there hasn’t been any internet available at all. The entire grid goes down.
Usually first the internet goes down, then shortly after that the electricity goes off.
Apparently the entire half of our state is on the same set of servers hooked to the same ancient power lines.

People may not realize it but our entire electrical grid is pieced together with wire and duct tape.

I’ve seen men in big trucks outside in hurricanes in the wind and rain shining beacons on the power lines trying to find where the wires are down. Those guys locally go to heroic lengths. We generally hear what sound like bombs going off all over town as the big conductors on poles explode in hurricanes.

Though at least they should help prevent data loss/losing your Fiverr work if it’s being done on your computer. It should give plenty of time to save your work and shutdown (or have it shut down automatically if you set them up like that) and help prevent damage to the computer by not being shut down properly/power spikes. Though if you’re not there and haven’t set it up to shut down it or it fails it could still lose power. The ones that show the mins remaining seem better (my last brick one didn’t and failed after a few years). So it should cope with quite brief power cuts (or close to whatever the mins remaining say) though it could still be a problem if the whole internet is down when a Fiverr delivery needs to be made.

I hear something like that occasionally on our street (not that loud) and then almost instantly my UPS will beep as it kicks in very briefly.

I had one of those on a desktop computer I had and it fried the processor. It had actually melted those little capacitors. I’m not sure if it was a power surge or what happened. Of course the nature of what I do here, spells, involves things that also can cause electrical problems at times. We notice it when we make a delivery sometimes.

Maybe it wasn’t the best UPS or was failing (eg. battery) or maybe the power usage of the everything connected to the UPS was too much for what the UPS could output? eg. calculate the total watts that could be used by everything that’s connected to it and check the UPS can output that much. It’s possible I could have overloaded my last brick one.

Oh we had terrible power surges constantly. Things would pop and explode all the time that were electric. We blew out a television set one time. We’ve got better control of it now fortunately but still not total immunity to it. We still have exploding lightbulbs quite a bit.
We have emf meters also so that way we can see power surges and where they are originating from and disconnect things.

Maybe an electrician could check everything (wiring etc.) and recommend stuff to help prevent things like that.

We have been having power issues for quite a few years now and the implementation of rolling blackouts called “loadshedding” where you would get 4 hours of no power at different times every single day. Iost 4 routers in six months and just last month I lost my power supply too. When I wanted to buy a power supply the next day to do my already late work I had to special order one from a different province and the guy told me that everybodies psu went in the same week cause they were almost sold out. Wish I had a macbook, but it’s way too expensive here I can buy 2 gaming pc’s for the price of a macbook pro.


I’ve lived in the Caribbean where there are rolling blackouts.

My therapist lives in South Africa and she informed me that it might be a concern. But then again, it might be a concern for all of us regardless of where we live. I’d hope fiverr would be more flexible and considerate but who knows.


I appreciate your replies, makes a person see the bigger picture at this time that everybody is going through something.

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