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Will there be more freelancers in a Post-Covid World?

According to Deloitte’s “Future of Work Accelerated” report, 3 in 5 organizations increasing their share of gig workers so as to reduce dependency on full time workforce.
This may increase the amount of freelancers post-covid era.

What are your views on it?


Yes, The company where I work have reduced the workforce by 30% and allowed the working employees to outsource basic works to freelancers.

This works are categorised into, per hour jobs / weekly jobs or job by missions.

Same with sellers, those 30% employees now started there career as Freelancer until they get back to job.

So sellers and buyers both gonna rise significantly.


There are already more people attempting to freelance … but I think that will settle over the next year or so.

Online working, I think, will be a whole lot more common … we’ll have to get used to working solo without the distractions of the office. Higher productivity, more loneliness - unless companies put some kind of office type online interaction in place to compensate …


To be honest, I think the same.
The number of unemployed and educated unemployed is increasing day by day. covid 19 taught us that it is possible to work from home.So everyone will try to work from home and freelancing is the best way to work from home


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I read an article a few months back that at the very least employers will become more receptive to an idea of staff working from home.

One of my sisters works in customer support and her boss, the giant doofus that he is, kept declining to let people work from home because “it’s not work, it’s a vacation” when pandemic first hit. He was eventually forced to let people stay home but only after subway got closed due to quarantine. And it turned out, the overall productivity went up. Turned out, him running into the room screaming at his employees at random intervals through the day wasn’t that much of a motivator. Funny that.

I agree that people attempting to freelance and freelancing are two different things. Begging others to give you some of their work or demanding a detailed manual of how to make things work while having no marketable skills is not freelancing.


Agreed, employers have now become more receptive to the concept of work from home.

But when productivity is concerned, initially it may have gone up, but in the longer run we are yet to see the results. Staying in home all the time will have other drastic impact on people so only the time will tell whether or not it is beneficiary in the longer run.

Not necessarily “all the time”. I used to work for a company who’d allow you to take 1 day a week to work from home. My friend now works for a company that allows 2 days. Those conditions were in place in pre-covid world and are still there now. Some flexibility introduced into the rigid corporate structures is a positive thing.

The entire construct of office 9-5 (9-6 in my country, btw)) = discipline = productivity has taken a big hit and it’s a good thing also. People are most productive when they’re positively motivated, not when they’re just trapped inside the corporate culture.


This is an interesting thread! I have been freelance for many years, although I have also worked in staff positions (guaranteed work for guaranteed pay).

In my opinion there is a massive difference in the mindsets of people who are genuinely freelance because they choose to be, and those who are freelance because they have to be.

Those who choose to be freelance tend to be good at what they do, dedicated to the task in hand but also quite fun people to be around.

Those who have to be freelance tend to overthink their work (not always a good trait), they tend to be a little nervous and look for any opportunity to secure a permanent job.

I’m in my late 40s so I’ve seen a lot of people with the above characteristics in my working life! In my opinion everything will settle down after a while and return to normal.

Existing businesses will start to expand agin, new businesses will begin, people will change careers, retire, etc. The world always move on. It might take a few months or even two or three years… but the temporary increase in freelancers that we will inevitably see will even out over time.


Thanks for the insights.
With time things always return back to normal and hopefully the world heals soon from the ongoing crisis.

I think freelancing will continue to grow. With this pandemic, many people with talent have found a new sense of freedom. The joy of doing what they want and when they want to do it.

Of course, there is the startup, which will either make or break someone. Those that rise to the top will always find a way. Those that fail were either never meant to freelance or do not have the talent.

I know when I hire people on this platform for certain jobs, it creates multiple orders. For example, whiteboard animators: I hire seller, they hire a voice over and maybe even a script writer. At the end, 3 people got a job.

I haven’t written a story in a long time, but when I did and will do again, it involves many sellers. I hire beta reader, editor, proofed, cover designers, etc.

I am due to retire in about 2 years. I am really looking forward to that date. I can start doing some real freelancing. I want to write more ebook, stories, blogs, etc.

I think 5r is a great place for professional editors, proofreaders, etc. to make a side income. The only thing is no filter for people with no skills.

I’ve found many talented people here that saved me money and also some pretty bad ones that have wasted my time and money.

Oh well, you win some, you lose some. :woman_shrugging::grin:


Can’t agree more.

My friend got his salary cut by 30% during this pandemic, he is now sharpening his AI skills and start to be a freelance designer.

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I think the idea of freelancing is appealing to many. Setting your own hours, being your own boss, working from home etc. On the other hand there’s a lot of instability.

I don’t think I would’ve started freelancing if it wasn’t for graduating during the pandemic. I knew I had marketable skills, fast wifi and A LOT of time, so that’s why I began in the first place. While things have been going well so far, given the nature of freelancing, I’m unsure if I would continue this line of work for the long term.

Like others have said, things will eventually bounce back in the future. With this, the number of freelancers will even out.