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Will they disable my video feature after the 3rd time?


I tried uploading the same gig video the 2nd time for my testimonial gig. I wasn’t aware of the same two emails they sent me saying along the lines of, “Unfortunately, your video did not pass our editorial review. Currently your video is too long. Your video should be to the point and not more than 1 minute long.”

It was 1:11 long. My previous gig video I uploaded was 1:05 and it was approved within 15hrs. I’m afraid now attempting to upload it the 3rd time will get me disabled, even if I tried making it shorter cause its too risky.

I contacted them to let them know. Have you guys ran into a similar issue before?


The official limit is 60 seconds. The fact that a 1:05 went through last time is not reason enough for you to push for a 1:11 video this time around.

Edit your video and make it 60 seconds max and then try to re-upload.


I trimmed it down to 1:04 and it got approved! 3rd time is a charm.