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Will this delivery lead to ban?


Hello seller/buyers.

I recently made a delivery which was flagged by Fiverr Bot. please suggest if this part of delivery is actually against Fiverr Tos.

(((we are making this delivery due to Fiverr delivery policy.
accept delivery, show us good gesture and kindness in your review and rating for it help us serve your well and increase our credibility and trust))

thanks in anticipation…


Why you wrote this to your buyer? What do you exactly mean by this?

“Accept delivery”, sounds like as if you are telling your buyer that they must accept delivery. I suggest you to re-write your delivery message.

It was probably flagged because you used the term “Rating” but can’t say for sure. You may contact CS to discuss why your delivery was “flagged”.


Every thing you said was wrong and against the Fiverr TOS.


It’s possible but it really depends on what staff thinks. They might not be happy with you being somewhat demanding about everything from completion to rating, even though you used “kindness” to try to make it more gentle. Mentioning the word review and the word rating probably autoflagged you.

It sounds very strange to say the part about delivery being due to Fiverr policy. I would really re-word your whole delivery statement and make it sound less harsh. If you delivered what you were supposed to, Fiverr might not have a problem with it, or they might do something more because of the wording.


It was flagged because you cannot force a buyer to leave a review and rating according to your will and that’s what you asked in your message, if I quote from that:

“show us good gesture and kindness in your review and rating” - this is what made a violation to the Terms of Service and hence it was flagged.

Do read ToS again point by point.

Good Luck !!


What should I do now, should I contact CS in respective of it?

should I just plead for the violation of TOS…

I was warn last month and my days without warning just got completed.

I just don’t want to be banned


Should I contact CS?


I just contacted CS in regret of my action…

hope my messages will be favourably granted…


Thanks everyone for your sincere response. I contacted Fiverr CS and she seems to be nice to me…

Issue revolved… Thanks