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Will this hurt my rating?

I sent the finished work through the messaging system instead of clicking the “complete this order” button. It was late and I didn’t notice so the clock clicked down and my order was marked as late. The buyer hasn’t cancelled the order because I did produce the work on time and hopefully the transaction will be completed, but will this affect my rating? If everything goes through, is it still a late delivery strike against me?

Also, I’m not sure if this goes here…

you need to click the “Deliver” button and send the work for the order to be marked complete, if the buyer does not click the “review and complete button” the order will be completed after 3days automaticallly, never send work via messages, always send it on the order page to claim your money and a good review

Thank you for your reply! The order completed because I fixed my error after I logged on and had the late delivery notice. Everything worked out, it was completed. I just want to know if the lateness will work against me. If it’s unknown, not a big deal. I won’t make that mistake again.

I think rating is not the most important at Fiverr. If you keep the good work & gain the buyer’s trust, buyer will keep on coming to order from your gigs :slight_smile:

Ratings are very important but this will not effect it. You’ll be fine. Just keep providing high quality work