Will this sell?


All of my gigs right now are writing gigs, and require a ton of effort and hard work. Now I want to try something new, and easy… So this is my idea:

I will talk or sing like a chipmunk… For $5

I will talk or sing like a chipmunk for 60 seconds of your song or script.

Sounds dead-on.

Requirements: No cussing or anything EXTREMELY inappropriate.


$5 *I will fix your script if it has errors.

$15 *I will write your script based on what you want.

$20 *I will use a puppet chipmunk while singing.

I will also have a video proving I really do sound like a chipmunk… So I have three questions:

  1. Would you buy it?
  2. Do you think someone else would buy it?
  3. What would you change?

    Please comment. : ) :wink:


I buy audio for my animation gigs all the time. I would definitely need to hear it first. Make sure you are using a good mic and recording set up. Most of the voice recording gigs I purchased when I started sucked.

Do you do other voices?

Based on what seems to sell here on Fiverr, your puppet idea may be a better value to other customers who want more than just audio.

Hit me up with a link when you have your Gig up and running.




I would do a quick research on fiverr to see if your gig is unique enough to stand out next to other, similar gigs. In fact, if you do a quick research there are a couple of similar gigs being offered - one of them is from a top-rated seller, and the list is followed by 10+ (I didn’t continue scrolling further, probably there are way more) gigs that offer more or less the same.

So to get back to your questions:

Q: Would you buy it?

A: Personally, I have the technical skills to create a chipmunk voice myself, so probably not.

Q: Do you think someone else would buy it?

A: Considering that the top-rated seller has only 15 votes on her gig, I would doubt that there is such a huge market. But I might be wrong! So I would check out other gigs and see how many gigs they completed/votes they received. If the number is fairly high, you have a market. Otherwise, you may be wasting your time.

Q: What would you change?

A: To be completely honest, I would not try to offer something that is too similar to the other gigs. If you speak another language, you may go with offering the chipmunk voice in a different language that is not being offered on fiverr that often.

I hope that any of this feedback is useful to you! Let us know how the gig is going! Good luck! :slight_smile:


hey, i checked some of your gigs out and i have to say that you should re write some of your description. your description is all cramped up in one paragraph, the’re isn’t enough information on it. i recommend if you use the “bold” text and “highlighter” feature on you description.

also maybe have a picture of you face in the galary to show you are a real person so people can trust the writer more.