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Will this work?

This is probably a long shot but its not like Ive got anything to lose. I only recently joined fiverr because of financial difficulties regarding my college applications, and I only got one buyer up to this point. So I`m posting here, for the mere chance of finding a kind soul who will check out my profile and potentially hire me (she said optimistically) :slight_smile:


It’s not appropriate to use the forum to solicit business and counter-productive to use sympathy as your value proposition. Desperation is not attractive and doesn’t demonstrate who you are a fit for or if you are even competent.

You will not succeed on Fiverr by taking this approach. Instead of appealing to sympathy, research your market and competition and create gigs that fill gaps in the market. You must research.

The only way you could get business via the forum is by sharing insights that suggest you may be credible, not by sharing a sob story and asking people to buy from you out of pity.


Here are some articles that might help you :

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Start with “hello”, explain what you do, leave the sob story out.

I recently bought a pet portrait gig from a new seller after seeing their introduction post and had a great experience with them. Good luck.


I don’t know if this is relevant, but I notice you mentioned “application fees piling up” in your profile description/bio. Does your country have options for students to apply for application fee waivers? Though I’m not sure about policy for international students, I know each of the American universities you mentioned has such a thing, as it’s a process a sibling went through recently. You should look into that as well, if you haven’t already.