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Will unclaimed money from paypal will get back to my account after a month?

I accidentally withdraw funds to my unaccessible PayPal account will it be back to my fiverr account after a month of unclaimed money

After you press on confirm withdrawn, there is no need for further confirmation. Therefore fiverr cannot do anything about it. You have to contact PayPal not Fiverr.

I know but if I didn’t accept the money on my PayPal account will it get back to my fiverr account after a month? Like a refund?

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You don’t have to confirm anything. Funds are automatically transferred into your PayPal account. The funds can be turned back only if your PayPal account has been blocked or suspended. In other cases I don’t think Fiverr can do anything. Just contact PayPal to help you get into your account and manage to take your earnings.