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Will using Out of Office mode affect being a Top Rated Seller?

Anyone have any ideas? I’m just wondering if this is something they consider when reviewing your gigs.

I’ve had to go into OOO mode a couple times this year because of super big projects that are taking 2+ weeks of daily work to complete, so I can’t take on any extra work. I hope this won’t have an effect on my TRS status :frowning:

Since the limit orders function is broken, I either have to pause my gigs or go into OOO mode. I’ve found going into OOO mode to be the better option as it limits my incoming messages and I can still send custom offers for manageable projects.


I’ve been a TRS for a few years and take 7-14 days vacations every 3 months or so + some shorter few day breaks. It hasn’t affected me, although I plan things in a way so my monthly revenue figures remain stable.

It’d be odd if we were actively discouraged to have some rest like human-beings, I think.


I don’t think it will matter. I have also been trying to become top rated seller and whatever research i have done, i have come to a conclusion that OOO doesn’t matter at all. what matters is that fiverr recognizes not just your skills but also your contribution towards the development of overall fiverr platform


I agree, I guess I thought maybe they’d favor sellers who have a steady income of unique orders or something like that. But I’m so happy to hear it hasn’t negatively affected you over the years! That makes me feel a lot better :slight_smile:


Not unless your gone for months at a time. I have seen that drop sellers levels. Weeks or a week here and there are no big deal. Alternatively, you could extend your delivery times and not activate OOO.


I’ve used that a few times (extending my delivery time) and within the first 24 hours had people place orders and then say “I need this within 48 hours at the latest” lmao

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Take away the option for extra fast delivery. I have non extra fast delivery on mine. They can ask for 48 hours, but they will know when they place the order the real time. On one very busy stretch I extended delivery to 3 weeks, and still got some orders. Creates a sense of being in high demand I suppose.


Extending the deadline may not work all the time even if we take away the fast delivery option. One buyer ordered without seeing the delivery time I kept during a small vacation (14 days). Then he said he wanted it in 4-5 days. Eventually it had to be cancelled.

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