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Will very late delivery cancellation have effect on fiverr profile?


I have a past client who is not willing to cancel his order. But it is out of scope type situation. Because his e-mail service provider doesn’t support a particular function (or maybe restricted for his account) which is needed to complete the task.

I asked him quite a few time if he want’s to cancel the order. But he did not respond.

Now, I am thinking of cancelling the order. which is already in “Very Late” state.

  • If I cancel it then will it effect my profile negatively?
  • What should I do?
  • How to avoid this type of situations in future?

Advanced thanks to you all.


Yes, it will effect your account for next 60 days from the date of cancellation.

Tell him to visit the Fiverr website instead of using the email service. They can do everything on the website.

You cannot. Seriously! You will always find some persons who will make your day bad.

You have some options here:

  1. Contact CS to cancel the order and make sure to tell them the honest reason.
  2. Deliver the order and wait for the order to be automatically marked as completed and enjoy the money and no cancellation, but 1 late delivery.

The choice is yours. Good luck. :v:t5:


:stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: LOL :joy: seems lucrative but unethical :no_mouth:

Thx for the tips :star_struck::hugs:


Good news. I have contacted to Fiverr support team and they have cancelled the offer for my and it seems there is no negative impact on my profile.

Thanks every one :blush: