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Will Write For Food!

I have been writing since I was was able to pick up a pen and write down my thoughts on paper. 25 years old now, I have been in the game for at least 15 years, and always excelled in my English classes.

I have been writing short stories for people as requests on some other sites like Tumblr, but decided that I would rather make a living from this passion.

So I have 2 writing gigs up, one for typical blog and website articles, researching topics and writing summeries. The other one is for more adult themed writing content, short erotic stories.

These gigs are viewable on my profile, and by selling on here and other places I hope to be able to earn a living and be able to be a stay at home mother for my future kids. So check them out if you need any writing done!


I wish you best of luck, keep sending responses to buyer requests and you well start earning in a few weeks

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I have been trying, buy almost all buyer requests, maybe 90+% of buyer requests, are just sellers like me that are advertising their gigs. I send requests when I see a decent buyer, but so far I was only able to send out 2.