Will you be suspending your gig for Christmas?


To make sure you have time to spend your family and those annoying guests who visit and never want to leave over the holidays…


I wonder if an “On Vacation” or “Closed for the Holidays” feature might work. And a “Store Hours” feature. Potential buyers would know when you’re available and know that you’re 8 hours ahead/behind them. Of course this could just add another layer that buyers wouldn’t see, read or pay any attention to. Sometimes they don’t even read what we already have placed on our gigs.


The best thing to do is to extend the delivery time for the gigs. If you suspend them it will definitely affect where they appear in search once you make them live again.


Nope. Not me.


yes, suspension is a bad idea. You can extend your days and say the reason in the description.


I could be wrong, but I suspend my gigs all the time. At least once a week. And they’ve never moved in the search. So I don’t think suspending your gig makes them loose their place.

Maybe, it may seem like it because other people have posted new gigs since you suspended.

My point? I’m not part of the Fiverr staff, so I really don’t know for sure, but like I said, I’ve suspend at least one of my gigs every week. (I have one suspended right now to catch up) and when I reactivate it it’s always back to the same place in the search results as it was.


Nah, not gonna do that


I’ll probably be suspending the two gigs I usually have active 24/7, but I’m doing it for the purposes of completely revamping my current gigs, adjusting what I’m offering, and adding some new stuff - and I’m planning to activate it all again the moment I hit Level 2, which I hope should be the 1st of Jan 2013! I’m probably going to have enough work to tie me over inbetween mince pies and bottles of cider anyway.

As for whether suspending gigs is a good idea, I haven’t found that my sales are noticeably affected after suspending a gig - whether or not this actually reflects anything to do with results/ranking, I’m not sure.


I am not suspending my family tree gig but I am not actively marketing it. If orders come in on their own that is great but for the next two weeks I am backing off a bit after going full steam for almost a year now, they don’t call it work for nothing


Thanks guys, I’ll extend delivery time starting now. Doubled the days…



What if you get an order from someone who does not celebrate Christmas? They will not understand.

Instead, I suggest adding 3 days to the delivery of the gig and then putting it back after the holidays.


It’s be great if you could add/subtract ALL of the delivery times in one go, I have about 10 gigs and it’s an effort to change them all (as well as the fast delivery options)… It’d be nice :slight_smile:


Nope I will be working through!


Definitely not. I’ll be taking off Christmas eve and christmas day, but my gigs have a 3 day due date… that’ll be enough time. It’s not like my family does anything but eat on christmas anyway! haha


No…I’m a Buddhist…Meryy Christmas


I emailed all of my regular clients and told them I was taking two weeks off because I had final exams and they were very supportive of that, so I suspended it for 2 weeks so I wouldn’t even have to think about orders burning in the back of my mind. It was a great decision for me and I did well on my finals, and now I’m back to the fiverr grind. For the holidays, it didn’t even occur to me to suspend because now I actually have time to take on more gigs!


I took a week off last week and extended my delivery times by doubling them. I’m keeping my delivery times slightly extended to normal over the Christmas break. The only days I definitely won’t be working are Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, Boxing Day (the day after Christmas), New Years Eve and New Years Day.


Don’t see the point to be honest. I won’t work Christmas Day / Boxing Day (here in the uk) and I have 40 odd orders in the queue right now. So just gonna get my head down


Nope. I’ve already extended my gig to 15 days.


not too much orders in last two days. i think there will be 0 orders when people celebrating :smiley: