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Will you continue to work with a bad experience buyer?

One of my return buyer ( 4 orders so far ) who always only gave 4 stars even she love my work. She’s a very bad responder to all my orders. Those order always marked as completed only ask for a revision.

I have a bad experience working for her order, need experience seller opinion about will you continue work with these kinds of buyer who max only gave 4 stars and very bad responders to orders?


Before you do anything drastic, you should contact the buyer and find out why she didn’t rate you with a full 5 stars. This would be a very touchy subject, so your tone should not in the least be one of admonishment. Instead, make sure it sounds like you want to know how to better serve her in the future.

While you are at it, you should hint the buyer about the importance of good ratings; some buyers are simply oblivious to their significance to sellers. This knowledge alone may lead to a higher rating in future orders.

For example, something along the lines of:

I have noticed that in your latest review you did not rate my work with a full five stars. Your satisfaction is very important to me, so I would truly appreciate it if you would take a few moments to let me know which part of the service you were not completely satisfied with, in order for me to focus on improving those aspects and better serve you in the future.

Ratings are very important to us sellers, and they are what enable us to keep offering our services in a highly competitive market.

Thank you,
Your Name."

Of course, if she keeps giving you low ratings after this, you may want to stop working with her altogether, but I would advice against burning your bridges. Just turn her down politely, saying something like that you don’t want to work with her if she is not going to be completely satisfied with your service; tell her that there are many skilled sellers here who are sure to be the right fit for her, and wish her the best.


Yeah, I asked her politely very similar in your way 3 days ago but she didn’t reply me ‘yet’. As I said she’s not a good responder or probably she won’t tell me.

Based on your last paragraph. I think I get the answer. Thanks for your reply @diegow

Seriously? A 4-star review is not a bad review. You want to stop working for a repeat buyer that continually gives you good reviews?

4 star is not really good on fiverr and we all knew that so personally I don’t think that’s considered as ‘continually give good review’, she not always rate, and she only rated 4 stars if she did. Problem was she’s a very late responder, each conversation took her at least 4 days to get a simply reply.

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It is better not to be rated than be rated 4-star in today’s Fiverr. Remember the threshold to keep a level is 4.8


I’ve had a few buyers I’ve had to cut loose over the years on and off-Fiverr. In the end what you need to ask yourself is whether or not the stress and time involved with such people, is justified by the price paid.

A ‘bad’ buyer can be a poor communicator, someone with a chip on their shoulder, or a super friendly person, just one whose work doesn’t really match the price paid. Like others have said, just let this buyer down lightly. The easiest way is usually to up prices a little.

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