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Will you cotinue work with client who only rate 4.x star for your work?

Don’t said this is not big deal.
If a client keep rating your less than 5 stars and you won’t get rank up in search page lead to less sales in a long run, it also look not good for other new buyer seeing those 4.x review.

I think I won’t like to work with those client who rate 4.x stars anymore (they think the delivered work is perfect and very happy), it hurt both my feeling, effort and time, rather work with those who rate 5 stars.

How you deal with those client?

Reply only this matters to you, if you think it’s no big deal, please ignore this post. Thanks.


It is a big deal, you are much more competitive with perfect 5.0 than 4.7 stars


I’m fine with one or two 4* from the same person. If it’s more than that, I’d probably have to tell them that my dog ate my graphic tablet at some point and I can’t help them anymore.


Yes, I have a few clients who do this and frankly I don’t really care. At least my record won’t be that spotless, which means I’m actually a human who can make mistakes, or I’ve clients who simply don’t agree with my methods. That’s the way of life.


That’s a legit and rare reason. LOL


Omg how many graphic tablets have you dog eaten already?!


Actually, none. :slight_smile: I never had the same buyer leave me 4* more than once. It’s usually either by mistake and the next one is 5* OR they’re the “well it was okay but I expected it to be GREAT” kind of people. And in that case, they’re so disappointed in me that they don’t come back.


The 4 stars you receive may not be based on your work alone. You need to factor in things like communication, delivery time, and the overall experience.


Buyers are not required to give you 5-star reviews. Fiverr encourages buyers to be open to leave whatever review best represents their experience working with you. If that means they choose to provide a 4-star review, that is their right, according to the TOS. You don’t have to like it, but it is how Fiverr works.

Why does a positive 4-star review require a seller to do anything to “deal with” that buyer? That buyer hasn’t done anything wrong.


This is a big deal, yes. If the same client gives me 4 star reviews all the time I would like to understand why.

Unfortunately we cannot discuss reviews with buyers, but I always try to evaluate if my service was the best that I could do, if there is something that I’m missing or if I can improve. If I feel very secure with my work and I know that I provided a good quality work and the client keep giving me 4 star reviews and don’t give me any clue about it maybe I would try to test another approach at the next few orders and after, if the situation doesn’t change, maybe I would not feel that comfortable anymore.

Just an example: I had a client who gave me 1 star review simply because he was new to Fiverr, he didn’t make his research and was not pleased with the result because he was asking me much more that he was ordering and I refused to do more work for free. Another client gave me less than 5 stars after sending a message explaining that he was not pretending to spend much money on that. We were discussing his project before and he agreed on price and was satisfied with the job. Simply, he would prefer to spend less. I would like that Fiverr could give us the possibility to report some reviews regarding very specific situations.

There are many reasons why a client can give you a lower review, and sometimes it’s nothing related to you. But deciding to keep working with that client or not would depend on many factors, for me, and I would need to analyse each situation separately.

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Thanks for the heads up.

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I always can assume what’s your reply on the forum, meh.
You just sound like a bot CS. lol.

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I feel like this entire comment would only apply if OP would specifically say: “I’m not going to work on this because you’ve been consistently rating me 4* and I don’t like that”.

You can’t be forced to work with anyone and you are not obliged to give them a reason why you are declining to work with them.



What kind of an arm-twisting website do you think fiverr is? :slight_smile:


I agree. IF I don’t like to work with them I won’t give a reason and only use the Block button.


Most sellers ‘expect’ a five star (100%) review just because they’ve become conditioned to most buyers leaving such generous feedback. But is anything really that perfect in life? I mean, always hitting 100%? The answer I suspect is ‘no’.

When you think about it, a four star review is 80%. In an exam, 80% would be a high pass. Your buyer isn’t saying they’re unhappy, they’re saying you’ve done a very good job - just not excellent in their opinion.

I do understand what you’re getting at, but a four star review really isn’t all that bad. Sure, we’d all prefer five stars but…

One thing you most certainly shouldn’t do is approach your buyer about this. Fiverr might view this as manipulation and you could get an account warning.


There is no need to educate me.

My comments, obviously, are not about those who just go: “I don’t work with you people”.

There was a post recently made by an illustrator who was getting 5* from the buyer until one day he asked for extra work and she sent him a completely legitimate, modest extra for it as per her gig description. He did accept it but started to leave 4* reviews afterward and he ordered a lot. I’d argue it was a tactic to “punish” her and she had a full right to stop working with him.

I decline to work with people who make me uncomfortable. Mostly by making comments about my heritage or appearance. “Uncomfortable” can be vague and for sure can be attempted to be spun as discrimination. However, CS stood behind me when I had to cancel a few times and my response didn’t require me to write an essay on why I’m uncomfortable.


I’m pretty sure you can say that and it won’t backfire.

Codes of ethics and conduct and discrimination don’t really apply to this situation. The OP asked if people would continue working with a buyer who gave them a lower than 5 star rating.

Like others have said, it’s entirely the buyer’s prerogative to leave an honest review. But it’s also the seller’s prerogative to work with whomever they wish to work with, or not, as the case may be. Nowhere in the terms of service does it say that by joining Fiverr, I agree to work with anyone and everyone, no matter what. We’re freelancers here, we have choice. I maintain the right to decline work if I wish to - I can’t be forced to do something I don’t want to do.

Granted, if you start writing things like “I’m not going to work with you because…” - then you might be leaving yourself open to a warning about discrimination. But you don’t need to. A polite ‘no thank you’ and the use of the Block button is enough.

To the OP - if a buyer consistently gave us less than 5 stars, I’d probably question why. If I know it’s something we’ve done, I’d try and fix it. If it’s them (“oh, it’s not personal, I just never like leaving a 5 star review” etc) - then yeah, I’d probably decline working with them in the future. Depends on the value and frequency of their orders. An occasional 4.7 in exchange for an absolute whale of an order? I can probably live with that. Regular 4.7s for $20 a piece? No thank you.


I think you overreacted a bit in this post overall and misconstrued my comment as saying something about you that I didn’t.

In any case, thank you for the quote and have an amazing day.

PS I removed “for you” from my previous post in case that was the problem.