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Will you help me make my first sale?

I’ve been on Fiverr for 2 weeks now. I have a little over 200 impressions for this gig as well as a handful of clicks. However, I’m having difficulties receiving any orders or even messages about possible orders. I’ve been promoting throughout all social media, just hoping for possible help on getting this gig out there. Any help would be greatly appreciated, thank you and God bless!



Take time to read through the forum for lots of tips and information. Here is a link to get you started

Also you need to be patient. Some sellers take months to get their first order.
Good luck! :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thank you so much! I appreciate your time and help!

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I like the way your gig was put together. Well written, and it looks like you took your time. Good job!

If I were to be suuuuper picky… I would advise to create a couple more gigs. Some may disagree, but that’s just me. I saw a mic in your picture, maybe a voice over gig? I think having 3 would be a good way to gain some more impressions. Also, you may find your niche hot/cold and competitive. Don’t stay away due to competitiveness (I do voice overs AND I just asked to create a competing gig), but use it to get better.

I see potential there, just need to get a few more gigs going that also look great. Don’t forget to send all those buyer requests even if they have 354 offers already… write well thought offers and you’ll be ok.