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Will you help me to improve my gig?

Hey, this is my CV writing gig:
Will you help me to improve it so that I can get my first sale from it.

what does “effective and first turnaround” mean?

your gig’s image is not helping present you as a professional, especially when you are boasting that your CVs are “job winning” ones.

You are advertising something that your visual and copy do not back up in any way.

Someone who needs a CV does not actually need a CV. They need a job.

this is serious stuff. So ultimately they need to feel certain that you will help them, and your current gig does not earn that trust, at least in my personal opinion.


Thanks for your opinion dude. So, what can I do to improve it?

I’m sorry I can’t take someone seriously about their CV writing skills when they address me as dude.

It’s like you are not even trying.


Thanks for your valuable opinion. May be you’re right. I should be careful about my selection of words

You mean fast turnaround, not “first turnaround.”

You need to prove your credibility. Using adjectives to describe yourself doesn’t achieve that.

Also, your design needs to reflect the quality your target audience seeks.

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Yes, I got that mam. Thanks for your answer

The word is ma’am, not “mam” and you don’t call people ma’am. It implies you are my servant, but you are not. You are my peer.

We have discussed many times in the forum that calling people ma’am in this context is not appropriate and a lot of people don’t like it. If you’re doing work helping people get jobs, you need to understand the appropriate culture of the working world.

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Thank you for your valuable advice.