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Will you please check my all gig and tell me how should i improve my gig more good?

I would like to meet here with experts who have really good idea to help me and improve my skills and gig’s everything.

This why i would like to request you please check my all of gig and give the best suggestion. Obviously it will more helpful for me.

here is my profile link:

Your regards

Unlimited revisions are never a good idea. (100% money back/satisfaction guarantee are also very risky. It implies that you’re not confident in your work and attracts scammers.)

You need to remove the behanced url from your gigs. (TOS)

Duplicate gigs are against the TOS. You offer two that specifically do background removal, and the one with reviews is almost a direct copy/paste of your ‘anything Photoshop’ gig.

There are several English errors in your gigs and your profile.

In your profile, “Languages: English - Fluent” is inaccurate. It should be ‘conversational.’

There are several formatting issues with your gig descriptions that make it/them look unprofessional. There’s such a wide difference in style in them though, that I suspect you didn’t construct them.

Professionalism includes consistency and honesty, and there are many things that can turn buyers away. You have a good number of sales and reviews, but you need to fix a number of things to stay competitive.

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Thanks for your advice

Can you please check my profile now and suggest me what i can do now?

You still have gig packages with unlimited revisions and 100%s.

Still a lot of English errors. (Look into the rules of capitalization and sentence structure.)

The formatting still needs work (overuse and wrong use of bold) and the replacement description for the do-anything gig is worse and looks like you copied someone else again.

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obviously i didn’t copy it from anyone
yes actually i was revising my gig’s and i was trying to fix the problems of mine like u said to me.

Thanks anyway

I’m sorry, but it’s not obvious. The inconsistency in style, format, layout, content, and errors make them look copied.

You invited me to take a second look, so I did. You implied you were done, not that you were still working on things.

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Thanks for your help