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Will you support Fiverr PITCH?

“Fiverr PITCH”

I am a finalist in a National PITCH Competition, sponsored by InventureX.

My “PITCH” is for App Development. I MATTER (need help with name) will be informative and entertaining. Our goal is to bring awareness to Social issues in EVERY country across the world.

We will be the worlds first NON INVASIVE social media platform. Connect with friends, family and colleagues without the evasive practices used by the current social media giants.

THE idea is to create a short story and documentary called “FIVERR PITCH”. (Similiar to Craigslist Joe). Fiverr PITCH will tell our story and highlight the SPECTACULAR WORLD of freelance artist advertised on Fiverr. Each person or group that promotes my campaign will be included in the book: writing, launch, publication, graphics, marketing, etc….100% Fiverr Professionals used, from start to finish.

I am looking for ALL forms of promotion. I have up loaded a video of the APP presentation and I need this YOUTUBE to go beyond viral. We want the first “Social Media Explosion”, Created by FIVERR Professionals.

If your a freelance artist, marketer, writer, or small company looking for the big break to propel yourself to the national spotlight, this is your opportunity.

Thank you in advance.


I’m sure you’ll find all the professionals you need on the main Fiverr site - good luck! :slightly_smiling_face:

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While you have an admirable goal, I don’t think Fiverr would appreciate you using their name for your own profit. That’s a big no-no in the world of rights ownership. Fiverr owns all commercial/project use of their protected brand, unless you have purchased a license agreement for your own use. Have you gotten permission from Fiverr to build a social media platform and sell a book using their name?

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I have not, BUT, every single posting you do is approved by their team. I have had a couple ads that were not approved, butte ones that are approved are posted

It would appear that you are not familiar with the requirements of rights management. You can post all you want about Fiverr here on their website, you can write a non-profit blog on your own site reviewing them… but if you wish to make money off of the Fiverr name for your own projects/businesses, you cannot use their brand without legal permission.

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Yes, I understand what you are saying. I am trying to win a simple contest. They can have the rights if it amounts to anything. They are the ones providing this platform.

Your Fiverr profile page is inaccessible. It would appear that Fiverr has, perhaps temporarily, suspended your account. If this is true, then that may be your answer on this issue.

You cannot use the Fiverr brand name for your own personal profit/gain. You cannot build a social media platform using Fiverr’s name. You cannot publish a book based upon Fiverr’s name without proper licensing.

Yes, my account is suspended.

Then it would appear that you have your answer. Fiverr doesn’t want you using their brand without their permission. And you do not appear to have their permission.

I strongly recommend that you develop a different project idea for your competition.

Well, I obviously don’t know but maybe they will do it themselves. Will make a great project.

Yes indeed. Thank you