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Will you?


Will anybody take a look at my gigs and maybe order them ?! :3


Antonio, to be honest, that’s not really the way to promote your stuff. Actually you should just make Gigs that stand out and include a video to it. People will get to see your Gig and eventually you will be making sales.

Good luck!


Reply to @thibstars: thanks :smiley:




Reply to @kjblynx: i will do exactly what u say,ok i’ll change the name,i deleted that gig cuz i did it for just 1 person,and after i deliver i delete it cuz i dont want others to see - See more at:


Reply to @kjblynx: the first thing i need to do is to be more correct to write the description of the gigs right and to find a way to promote them :confused:



I like your eagerness !!

2 Suggestions;

Before asking folks on the forum to buy your gigs, you could ask the forum if there is anyone here with a gig you could buy to help you describe your gigs more fully, and add a bit of dales flair.

Edit your profile info, be more descriptive about your credentials and more business like.

Good luck!



"and add a bit of dales flair" s/b “and add a bit of sales flair”


You need to re-evaluate what you are trying to sell. I mean things like this ( no one is going to pay for.

kjblynx said: Lastly, "do a lovely poetry" isn't exactly proper English. I think you mean, "white a lovely poem," or something along those lines.

Ha Ha OOpsy :-) "write a lovely poem"


Reply to @brooky: it’s a normal mistake,i change it to write a lovely poem :3


Reply to @finalstep: i delete it


Reply to @voiceoverwork: :confused: thanks