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Will your account be suspended if the on-time delivery is under 90%


will my account be suspended if the on-time delivery is under 90% for a long period of times?

I currently having a hard times managing my freelance work and college tasks. and having like 3 times late delivery recently. I’m kind of aware if it gonna suspend my account if it under 90% for a long period of times. Since i want to be full-time freelancer after i finish my college.

Thank you!

We haven’t been told that Fiverr will suspend accounts for that reason as far as I know. It will affect your level. If you were a level 0 it will stop you from being promoted to level 1 at evaluation time if it’s < 90% at that time, and if you were >= level 1 at the time of the evaluation it would mean you’d drop a level.

What you can do is change the gig set up to give yourself a higher number of days to deliver and/or change the “limit orders in the queue figure” figure for gigs or pause gigs when you won’t have time to work on new orders for them or turn on out of office mode (though that won’t stop past buyers from buying). Or when you send offers give a higher number of days delivery than you normally would for that gig/package/task.

edit: It does say this in the TOS:

Sellers who cannot maintain their high quality service, experience a severe drop in ratings, or stop delivering on time risk losing their Seller status and the benefits that come with it. For example, late deliveries, warnings to the Seller’s account and cancellations can cause a Seller to move to a different Level.


I dont think they will suspend your account if your on-time delivery is under 90%! I haven’t heard this either…
but yes as UK1000 said, it will effect your seller level.
if you are busy you can may be use -out of office option until you complete your college task and be back to track !

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