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Win an iPad Mini Competition - It's time to subscribe!


The Race is On!

On Your Mark…

You sent us your Fiverr Story Videos and knocked our socks off!

Get Set…

The video that brings in the most subscribers to the Fiverr YouTube page will win a shiny new iPad Mini.


Come on over to The Fiverr YouTube Channel, select your favorite story and click on the Subscribe button above the video.

The competition closes on Sunday, December 9th.

The winner will be announced soon after.

Let the voting begin!


That’s a fantastic opportunity… i have so much to share and i think 50 seconds is not much for me… :stuck_out_tongue:




So, mostly is the key here to be able to drive people though our social networks and other lists to “like” / “subscribe” to a video though our link? Is that where we need to think strategically?


I am seller from India. I believe if I win this competition, Fiverr will deliver iPad mini to India right? All shipping cost will be borne by Fiverr? Please suggest so that I can plan my entry accordingly.


I think we shall be making an interesting submission :slight_smile:


Videos aren’t my thing but good luck to all you who enter.


Good luck for video makers… :slight_smile:


I was really excited about this but I am terrible video creator so I am going to sit over here by the wall and watch everyone else s videos


@bestquality, yes that is correct! looking forward to your entry.


@tn5rr2012, You don’t have to be a brilliant video creator, we just want to hear your amazing Fiverr story!


@major_killer and @oranjewebdesign, looking forward to seeing your videos!


wow fiver administrator here hi great to see you here…:slight_smile: let me thanks you for starting such a wonderful marketplace, I too would like to share my story though a long one, from job less to fully professional seo and how fiverr plays vital important role…



Great… don’t forget to send in your entries!

Good luck for the competition!


Reply to @kevinwil: Kevin, if Oranjewebdesigns and I do a video together can it be double the length since we are two separate sellers? I think we would want to keep it under a minute anyways but I just wanted to check to know for sure.


Also, I wanted to ask. It seems like you often have multiple competitions/contribution requests going at a time. Is there an easy way to find them all in one place?


I just saw this. Very cool.


@hotwebideas - looking forward to your entry.


cool! thanks for this


@oranjegirl, unfortunately the video limit still apllies… but we excited to see what you 2 come up with. only a few days left to enter!

Great idea about multiple promotions, thanks for that!