Win your job in return of perfect price


In the last 3 months, I ignored more than 120 jobs from various clients due to the very low price. I know, if I accepted those jobs I would die without food :frowning:

But last month I was awarded a “Level One” badge within 2 months after starting work regularly on FIVERR.

At the time of my work, I found a few solutions for winning a job in return of perfect price.

1) Set your hourly price :roll_eyes:

This is the most important issue. At first, look at yourself standing before a mirror and ask yourself. What type of seller are you? What’s your hourly price? Especially, for a graphic designer hourly price starts from $3, for a web designer the price starts from $5 and for a Web-developer the price range starts from $8. Remember, it depends on your experience and quality of work.

2) Read carefully the buyer’s requirment. :face_with_monocle:

Before submitting your job offer, please read buyer’s request minimum 2/3 times. Most of the buyers don’t like to write a long description regarding his project. So, read carefully, then apply. If you become sure, you can do it with 100% client satisfaction,then apply it.

3) Negotiation with the buyer. :cowboy_hat_face:

Remember, after getting the first message from the buyer first 5 minutes is very important for you. So reply quickly. Remember, make your reply to the point. This 1st message plays the vital role to win the job. If you make any mistakes, you will fail to get the job.

4) Offer a good price which is suitable both for you and your client. :smiley:

While negotiation you should fix how much hours do you need to complete the project, then multiply it with your hourly rate. Remember, don’t disclose your demand ($) to your buyer. At first, ask him what’s his budget. Sometimes you will get a few awesome clients who have a perfect budget. You may also face a few clients who have a minimum budget. So, at first, try to know his budget from him. If he ignores, then you may tell your client regarding your demand in return for your service.

Remember, don’t sell your product, Just build-up a relationship with your client in order to carry on it forever. It will make your profile enriched with a lot of projects.

Happy freelancing :slight_smile:
Full stack web developer and WordPress expert
-Sandipan K. Das


If you do this, keep in mind that some buyers hate this question, and will start looking for someone else as soon as you ask it.


Where I Set my hourly price Gig Description or Gig Pricing?


@mohammad_rahat1, Brother fixed it on your mind not in you gig description


@catwriter, Remember, don’t disclose your demand ($) to your buyer. Sometimes you will get a few awesome clients who have a perfect budget. You may also face a few clients who have a minimum budget. So, at first, try to know his budget from him. If he ignores, then you may tell your client regarding your demand in return for your service.


@catwriter is right.

If you have a thoroughed description of your gig and have clearly set prices to what you offer, then your buyer has a rough idea of what to expect to be charged upon his request.

That said, I see no need to expose yourself to possibly losing a sale. Just set your price and in any case, negotiate with your buyer if s/he thinks it’s too much.


Really very help full article


@sandipank a lot of thanks brother


Dear @catwriter thanks for your sugesstion,
But you know every client come into Fiverr with his different requirement. It’s not possible to write about all requirements on gig description or title. So we need to discuss with the client regarding his project.


You are welcome brother :slight_smile:


Several buyers complained on the forum that sellers ask them for their budget. They also said that it made them angry and suspicious; if a buyer tells the seller what they need done, why can’t the seller just tell them their price? Is the seller trying to scam the buyer? Is the seller trying to extract more money from the buyer?

Those sellers lost sales because they asked buyers for their budget. All I’m saying is, keep in mind that you might lose a sale that way, too.

My prices are clear on my gig pages. Buyer asks me how much, I tell them the exact price, because my prices are the same for everyone, I don’t increase or decrease them based on the buyer’s budget.


These numbers are really off for many regions. It’s very difficult to tell people what an “hourly” rate is without knowing the average costs where they live, their experience, etc. Fiverr isn’t particularly focused on hourly rates, either, although it isn’t a bad idea to think about how long a task will take you personally and price accordingly.

Personally I think this is poor advice for the average seller. Being transparent with buyers wins trust. Being deceptive and pricing based on how much the buyer has might get you a few higher priced orders but will not earn you word-of-mouth business or long-term buyer trust.

This is better advice.

This statement makes sense IF you had options to get better orders. If I had one buyer that wanted two hours of work for $10 and another buyer that wanted two hours of work for $50, it would make sense to take the better offer. (There are mitigating factors, though, like whether the buyer might become a repeat buyer at a higher price and whether the buyer is very demanding and will demand 20 revisions or cancel.)

If you have two free hours and you have only one offer that is a bit lower than you prefer, it may be smarter to accept and let the buyer know it is a discounted deal since you have extra time. You are better off with dollars in your pocket so you won’t “die without food” than no dollars in your pocket because you sat around waiting for a better deal.


Especially I don’t like to create any pressure on my client. Most of the time clients budget is my budget. Because my honorable clients know the value of expertise, and the budget should depend on experience and quality of my work. :slight_smile:

That’s why most of the time I see after winning a Job, client give me extra $ as a TIP or honorarium. :heart_eyes:



This has to be the best tip I found about setting prices for a gig. Thanks man. It is a known fact that every buyer wants a quality service and also good affordable price for it. There are good buyers who will eventually understand the product is worth the amount you put on. Cheers, thanks again


Many many thanks for your compliment. :slight_smile:

I feel lucky when I have found this type of honorable client.


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This are very good tips thank you for sharing with us Have fun…:slight_smile:
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