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Windows Phone 8.1 Fiverr app

There is a Fiverr app for Windows Phone 8.1 but it does not work completely, it cannot even start. Are there any news about any official Fiverr application for Windows Phone?

Actually there are 2 apps both totally does not work.

You are absolutely right.

wait for Fiverr official windows phone apps.

I think so too, but I haven’t seen any information on the Fiverr’s blog or anywhere so I doubt we are near to alfa of the alfa :wink:

They should please create the app needed desperate.

Me too, really.

In the meantime, just use Fiverr on your mobile browser. Even when an app comes out it is going to need a lot of polish. I am not sure why it is desperately needed, but I use a Kindle (Android platform) for many Fiverr actions and there is no app that works for Kindle-specific Android. I just use Chrome for Android and can use most functions.