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Windows setup (new version) [RESOLVED]


Today I am going to windows set up on my computer. Is it okay for fiverr. Because I heard somewhere if i change the windows and and internet connections then fiverr will not allows it. Without informing they close your account. I have no idea about this situation.

Please Moderator, may you assure and clarify me about this. I really need your help right now. I have only 1 account and I am using broadband internet connections.

I am waiting for your response. Or anyone please inform me . I really appreciate your help.


I’ve switched from windows to mac and I’ve never had a problem. I don’t know of a reason why they won’t allow that.

Don’t worry, It will be okay.

  • Mike

I use Fiverr on 2 different computers plus 2 mobile devices and all of them have different OS’s. I’ve never had any problems.

Thank you all. You are so helpful.