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🔥 🔥 🔥 WINNING REQUEST PROPOSAL ! pls do not copy

hi there, after checking my latest post, as some of you have requested ! on how to use the buyer request section! I’m sharing with you my 5 STARS winner template and I will be happy also to discuss with you various approaches on how you can use buyer request more effectively to land new clients

note: this templet is for example purposes only and is one example to show you how to write and effective request, you can change it to match your gigs and matches your offering

hi ‘‘name of the client’’, thanks to your post for "the subject of the post’’!i am a level 2 seller, 120+ > reviews offering you full brand solutions to your business! I have accomplished similar projects in the past, I am offering you the medium package for 40%OFF if you apply to this offer! you are covered with UNLIMITED REVISIONS and founding back guarantee + 30day minor tweaks warranty, I will fulfill your graphic needs with amazing results and ultimate revisions!

" link : fiverr profile"
‘‘link gig pofile’’

best regards ''name ‘’


There are a litany of issues with your post, I’ll try to quickly address the major points.

  1. Desperate and unscrupulous sellers WILL copy anything they think will possibly nab them a sale.
  2. Template responses are easy to notice and do NOT impress buyers.
  3. Unlimited revisions/guarantees/warranties on Fiverr are incredibly harmful practices and will cause unduly heartache/headache.

Hope I don’t come off as a grouch if you are genuinely trying to assist new sellers.


yes, I am trying to help sellers as some of them are laking guidance in Fiverr as a platform I am also willing to discuss the pros and cons of using a template I will be posting more into that in the future, as for now please focus on the ‘‘proposal section’’ and address some issues related to that particular template !! thanks in advance !!


You’re right with the “pls do not copy”…


Is this for real or trolling or plot to bring down competition?

Offering discounts, unlimited revisions, and… I can’t even waste time to write all the nonsense here.

Have a nice day.

Great proposal, Hope it will helping the new freelancer

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Very good post for new seller

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Your advice is as solid as “drink bleach”, “swim with sharks” and “take an electric toaster into the bath” but you suggest all three at once?

@marinapomorac look at the last two posts, “great proposal” and “very good post for the new seller”, this place is the blind leading the blind, it’s a farce, a comedy and admin here need a boot up their asses as their moderation is a joke: tell the truth, get suspended, push fallacies and people love it.

They can ban me, I don’t respect them, nor most of the people here who can not even be bothered to search for their own answers and want spoon feeding.


@deisgnheros I desparately need this button image.

Thank you for sharing brother :yellow_heart::yellow_heart:

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If you’re trolling - good going, you had us fooled for a minute…
If not:
Posting pre-written templates with a few details rewritten as an answer to any BR will likely only get you ignored. People have been very clear about the fact that they don’t like it (and quite frankly even if I was given a huge discount I wouldn’t care, I’d be looking for human interaction. Not…this.
On the other hand, offering unlimited revisions, 40% off… it’s just bad advice, really. Encouraging people to create unique offers, provide helpful information, etc.: would be good advice.
(this might work for you to some extent from time to time, but a newbie who might not be skilled / might just copy this completely will highly likely not benefit from this.)
rant over.


I gave up on using Buyer request to order from Sellers specifically because of templates like this. First BR I made, 50 offers, all templates and spam messages in bonus. No, thank you. Now I’d rather use the search feature to find a seller myself. If I think like that, other Buyers think like that. You actually make new sellers lose sells because of advices like this.


yes, I wanted for all. thanks! @deisgnheros

The number of critical posts are seemingly being ignored/not understood by quite a few people who still see the original post as great advice being shared…

Is it selective hearing or blissful ignorance? :pensive:

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The replies from those who are not new sellers do not agree that this is a Winning Request Proposal!


If you can’t fight them, join them.

Here is MY fire fire fire WINNING REQUEST PROPOSAL! pls do not copy

YO, man whats’up? I see you look for very good deal here. I am write transgender manwoman dude for you.
I can do it fast and effective, you will get best deal, best survice, rest adead sure.

Plus If you order 2 times my 5$ gig, i will give you 15$ discount on your third purchase.

Please send me message please what exactly do you need. But whatever it is, me can do it!

Kind regards,


it’s a good post for new sellers like me :blush:


I think more and more that they respond with automated scripts, without reading the posts :eyes:

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You bet some will use it :rofl:

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Unfortunately the general “experienced” consensus is that it isn’t!

See my post above.

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