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Winning Your First Buyer 101: My Best Tip

Dear Fiverr Community,

When I first started on Fiverr, I was discouraged by the numbers. How can I make my gig stand out when there are thousands of gigs, just like it? :pensive:

After doing some research, experimenting with my gigs, and ultimately winning over my first buyer, I have some advice I would like to share for new sellers!

Continuously Make Improvements!

We have all heard of the scientific method. Maintain your control variables, test your independent variable, and look for changes within the dependent variables. For Fiverr, I strongly encourage you to make one change at a time. After making the change, pay attention to how your impressions respond, and be patient for a day or two.

As an example, you could change your gig thumbnail while keeping your description and pricing the same. What happened? Did you get more clicks, impressions, or perhaps even a message? The beauty of this approach is that there will be no ambiguity as to what spurred the progress! On the flip side, if you changed your pricing, description, and thumbnail all at once, you won’t know what actually worked.

Bottom line: make one change, patiently wait to see what happens as you monitor your analytics, and go back to the drawing board if you didn’t get the results you were after.

By using this approach, I was able to get my first buyer within the first couple weeks of starting.

Of course, there are other factors like timely responses, example content, and gig flexibility that each contribute to your overall performance. The purpose of the method described above is to at least get your foot into the door.

Looking forward to your feedback, and I hope this helps! :blush:

Good luck,


Awesome advice!

We can’t test things if you’re testing a bunch of things at once because that means you can’t narrow down what the explanation could be. There are too many variables with no way to assess and isolate them.

I’d recommend people be careful, though. Gigs disappear for like a day from search when you make a change. So if you’re doing that a lot you’re making yourself invisible.