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Winrar files


i bought some articles but i cant open them. it says they are in a rar file. when i researched this i have to order something online to get a free trial. how do i open this without buying something else???


Rar files are a common compressed format. Fiverr encourages their use for multiple files, so I wouldn’t blame the seller for using them. You could just ask the seller to send you the files individually if it’s not too much hassle


download 7-zip. It can extract a rar file. search it on google. I’ve been using them since they released it =)


Winrar for windows or unrarx for mac,both free.



WinRar unpacks as well. It says “Free trial”, but that trial never actually runs out and the product is always free.


I always assumed everybody knew how to unzip RAR files, but then suddenly about 30% of my customers came back saying they didn’t know how. Back then you couldn’t attach multiple files to an order, it sucked :frowning: I started ZIP, people still got confused :o now I use .ODT (word file format) and yet again, nobody knows what is going on :frowning:


I always provide zip files as well (if applicable), the built in windows file opener does help


The beauty of Open office is you can save as both odt and doc. I generally find working on Open Office is great, but always save any documents as .doc or pdf.


Open Office is great - because it’s free. The only issue being the file type ODT - if you do not know about Open Office, you’d probably be very stumped on how to open it


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you can find lots of versions of winrar or winzip, or you could use 7zip. i always ask my buyers to provide me the material in a rar archive, and many times i deliver my work in an archive. it`s safer and faster this way…


I definitely use only Zip files to deliver my orders. Since the beginning I assumed people could have trouble with Rar files, but because Zip files are naturally supported by Windows, then I’ve always used Zip files. :wink:

Best Of Luck.


I always attach a readme text file with all orders.


I use a free software called RarKnife (or something like that).


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