Winter Soldier Mind Control Words


Freight Car.

Good morning soldier…


I will be direct, yo

Your description:

I’ve created attractive gigs that’ll surely attract customers and the logos that I created for my gallery are originally made by me and I designed quality logos that’ll attract the customers. I create descriptions that motivates people into reading it and easily understand it and I even set the prices to the lowest possible but no matter what I can’t get my first order!

Your profile picture:

Now stop whining about where you come from and start looking at what you post in your business.



It would be helpful to read the Terms of Service which you can find at the bottom of the main page as it is against Fiverr rules to share contact details. Also your profile needs to be more professional. Check other seller’s profiles for ideas but do not copy them.
Good luck! :slight_smile:


Watch this Episode of Fiverr Podocast. It will be helpful for you :slight_smile:


Thanks! I’ll give it a go


Thanks dude, really helpful. :slight_smile:


Sorry, I haven’t read the Terms, thanks for the advice! :slight_smile: