Wish me luck :)


How are you guys? I hope better than ever :slight_smile:
I get a job bigger than usual. I am very happy. Hopefully I can do this job well.

I miss learning English here :smiley:


Good luck! - Iā€™m sure that you will have no problems taking on a large order. Your work is amazing, just remember not to rush and ask your buyer to let you know if there is a problem after you deliver.

Then come back and tell us how it went!


Hi @cyaxrex
Thank you very much. Since I joined here, I have learned many valuable lessons. and I always ask about revisions if they are needed :slight_smile:


Good luck @dearartpkp.
Hope, you will get the good journey to your buyer.Happy selling with #Fiverr-Site :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


Thank you @themewebzone :wink: