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Wish the Fiverr Police would get off my ***

After updating my EDITING (very important here!) gig with a new description, I get a warning from Fiverr saying:

Please remove “and provided a much-needed detail-oriented eye to students and their essays” from your gig, as this is not a service we allow on Fiverr.

Where they then state it’s against TOS to offer writing essays for students.

Of course it is! That’s why I state on my WRITING gig that I don’t offer essay writing. But, I do offer to proofread essays for students - which isn’t against the rules!

I’m on track to meet my delivered on time stat (as I didn’t for 1 cancelled gig so got demoted to Level 1), so what do you know? The only thing that can stop me from becoming Level 2 again is if I don’t deliver any of my orders (highly unlikely) I’m late (I have a long delivery time so again, highly unlikely) or, what do you know? If I receive a warning for violating TOS!

I know my tin foil hat is going on right now, but I’m so tired of feeling like Fiverr are out to get me! (Prior to this, btw, I went on hiatus for 8 months and my impressions dropped WAAAAAY down, like, I lost 95% of my normal revenue when I returned and I barely get any impressions).

Please Fiverr, I’m trying to do well on here. Just leave me alone!


You shouldn’t.

Yes, it is. Even if it is not explicitly so, it is arguably immoral and unethical as well.


It surprises me that someone who also offers editing on Fiverr doesn’t see how proofreading for grammatical errors and restructuring sentences in an essay are two completely different things.

There’s nothing wrong with marking an essay for spelling or grammar, especially as I’m an editor who comments for most editorial changes, so therefore the writer can learn from their mistakes.

I don’t see how editing work from ‘esay’ to ‘essay’ is in violation of any rules, particularly when most, if not all, courses won’t mark an essay down for typos or grammar mistakes (unless they are in abundance).

I mean, it doesn’t matter anyway because I don’t get anyone asking for proofreading an essay, but even in the email I received from Fiverr it explicitly stated that writing essays was not permitted…it never suggests essays can’t be edited.

You can’t write an essay and then have another person proofread it and then be able to say they co-wrote it. That’s just not how it works.

I don’t see how proofreading someone’s essay is unethical? I mean, I used to go to uni with people who actually took their essays to someone who was employed by the university to do such a thing, as well as give them pointers on how to make their essay better. I did all my work on my own, and I’d expect anyone in an academic setting to do so as well - but I’d hardly call correcting a few typos ‘unethical’ and please, let’s not bring morals into this. This has nothing to do with morals.

I do hope you know the differences between different stages of editing, because in your post it doesn’t sound like you do.


And this from actual CS:

“You may only offer assistance with the above-mentioned services [writing academic articles or completing homework]. For example, you may proofread a text written by the buyer, but you may not actually write it for them.”

So…I can proofread an essay, as I said.

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Your needless snark aside, I am well aware of the difference between “proofreading for grammatical errors and restructuring sentences in an essay.”

Just because I can create that distinction in my mind, doesn’t mean that the members of Fiverr’s Customer Service or Trust and Safety Team can, or will.

I therefore err on the side of caution and say that if work is even tangentially related to academia, I won’t touch it. I had to tell a prospective client that a few weeks ago.

Since Fiverr’s Terms of Service does not state this explicitly, there is inconsistency in how this rule is applied… which you have personally experienced, and hence my caution.

Be my guest. No skin off my :peach:.


Then if it doesn’t state it explicitly anyone can do as they please unless told otherwise (i.e. change in ToS).

People can’t go around not doing things they want to simply because it isn’t stated you can’t in some rulebook, otherwise, we’d never progress as a society, would we?

And btw - it wasn’t a snarky comment at all, I was genuinely concerned you weren’t aware of the differences of stages of editing (not every editor is, actually, it’s not a bad thing necessarily), as you offer these services on Fiverr.

Fair enough if you won’t touch academia with a barge pole - but please don’t say that it’s unethical and/or immoral just because you choose to not do it.

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Oh, and anyway, this isn’t even an issue with a service I offer - I only say part of my experience has been “providing a detail-oriented eye for student’s essays” - the ambiguity could have caused the issue, so, I reworded it. In any case, it’s to strengthen my background in editing. I actually haven’t proofread any essays in a few years now.

What’s the issue then? Take it off the gig description and that’s it.


Lol, the issue is that I got my gig removed from search for almost a day simply because I had placed my experience in my description and said the word ‘essays’.

I mean, this is called the Ranting Pot. If we can’t have a dramatic rant about a seemingly small issue then what’s it here for?! :o)

I’m going for my M.A in English Lit right now. I do get marked down if there are any typos or grammatical errors in my thesis papers. So, I can see how proofreading student work can be seen as doing the work FOR the student. Especially for those majoring in English, grammar is a part of the grade.


Fiverr is a pain sometimes. I once created a gig for Craigslist ads, not posting them, writing them. Craigslist complained about my gig, and it was disapproved twice. People with gigs about Amazon have faced similar problems.

I guess Fiverr is afraid of essays, they’re afraid of Big Education complaining that people are using Fiverr to cheat. A lot of “do my homework” gigs are also illegal now. If you offer book reviews, you can’t publish the review anywhere or Fiverr will delete the gig.

I am curious to know how this means Fiverr is out to get you? If you take an 8-month vacation from a brick and mortar store that you own, and then reopen it and expect the exact same amount of customers and sales, then you will be seen as delusional.

Fiverr is a marketplace just like any other. They don’t strive to give impressions to people who are gone for 8 months and earn them zip diddly.

Might want to double up on the tin… it would seem the community is out to get you as well…

It’s one of the reasons I will never come here to rant. People tend to forget this is the spot that was created for this purpose. Someone should feel okay to get things off their chest in this spot. Needless to say, a ranting pot within a work environment is a terrible idea as it can come across as unprofessional. I’d rather let it all out at home.

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Of course my impressions dropped when I went on hiatus…they went to 0 because I suspended my gigs, lmao. What I mean is, since coming back and updating my gig and coming online every day and bidding in buyers requests my impressions haven’t budged from the small numbers.

You can’t compare an online freelance gig to a brick and mortar store, the digital space works very differently. You can build a website, go on holiday, and still come back to similar impressions and conversions. You can’t do that on Fiverr without suffering some sort of loss. People should be able to leave and come back and build up again but not if you’re never going to see the benefits of working hard when you do come back.

Does your website vanish when you are on Vacation mode? Because that’s what your gigs do here on Fiverr. They vanish from the search results. Why should Fiverr keep your slot open when you’re making them zip diddly? I am sure when you go on vacation you do not block all traffic to your website for 8 months. If you did, then you will have gasp almost no views and it will take you a long time to build your impressions back up again. That is why I used a brick and mortar store, as it makes sense to use that example.

What you are basically doing when you leave for 8 months is closing up shop and buggering off somewhere. Fiverr doesn’t care why or where you went, all they know is that you are gone, and people who have NOT gone on vacation for 8 months took your place.

You will see benefits again, it’s just going to take a long time to get them back. Maybe even 8 months. That’s what happens when you shut everything down for 8 months. You’re not going to be able to get it all back overnight.

I think you’re misunderstanding what I’m saying. Fiverr is not like a physical store because if you come back and work hard to deliver your impressions should go up.

And FYI, I have been off hiatus for almost 18 months now. That’s like having your shop open for 18 months after a break and only having one or two people visit when before footfall was hundreds no? I expected decreased views and orders of course, but that’s why I tried hard to build it back up but it doesn’t make a difference. There’s also another person at the end of all this making that decision on some level where gigs can be placed in search, something you don’t get with a physical store.

But anyway it seems to me you’re trying to make a point and that’s not what my original post is about. There seems to be a lot of barriers on Fiverr to operate well compared to what it was like a couple of years ago. I think this is good to weed out the fake accounts but I also think it means good sellers get lost through the cracks. Explain to me how someone with horrible grammar can be first in search and get loads of impressions when my gig isn’t even shown in the first five pages?

That person is called an algorithm, and I doubt that it is being messed with in order to hurt Lunabea’s sales personally.

That would be an algorithm that allows new sellers to get a chance at getting sales and not just collect at the bottom of the cesspool forever. Either that or the “person” you are talking about is purposefully trying to get their site to go belly-up

I’m not saying that Fiverr are personally attacking me and my gigs by having one person sitting there clicking a button that stops my gigs from showing.

How do you think algorithms are created? What do you think happens when someone updates their gig? It gets modified…by an actual person. It doesn’t always get slung into the algorithm bin, and neither is the algorithm always accurate.

The person in question isn’t a new seller, it’s someone who has more or less the same stats as me: ratings, pricing, how long they’ve been on Fiverr, etc.

This post isn’t even about impressions, it was about having a notice saying I can’t include the word ‘essay’ in my description, regardless of context. I updated my description and still included the word and my gig was approved, which I know was done so by a human being.

It’s actually unethical to run automated systems without human intervention on some level. If you believe it’s simply just machines making or breaking sellers on Fiverr then your view is severely limited.