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Wishing all those in the path of the hurricanes the best of luck

I just wanted to tell anyone on fiverr who was or will be in the path or hurricanes Harvey or Irma my thoughts and prayers are with you.

Please stay safe anyone in Irma’s path.


Irma is hitting the Caribbean and Florida. I think.

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This sucks. :cyclone: Cat 5

This affects my family/friends in the Caribbean and Florida. :weary:


What happened to the idea they would “seed” the hurricanes by flying into them and dropping chemicals that would break them up? Guess they gave up on that.

Can you imagine living in waist deep filthy water without being able to dry off?
I would quickly succumb to pneumonia.



Today I put my account on vacation (for the next two weeks) and delivered all orders.

I hate losing money, but tomorrow I’m driving north and don’t want to worry about Fiverr. I don’t have a laptop, so I can’t exactly bring Fiverr with me, and not every hotel has a business center.

Are you leaving @misscrystal? You got a shelter to stay or you’re gonna ride it at home?


I personally can’t afford to leave, so my dad and I are staying. :confused: We might go to my cousins’ since they’re house is sturdier and they live only 15 minutes away from us.

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