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Witch Craft / The Magicians Tv Series


Hi everyone,

Just started to watch ‘The magicians’ tv series and I’m truly interested in it. I don’t think it’s easy,not the story but to do witch-craft in real life… Is there any real place to learn about witch craft? Thank you ! :slight_smile:


I have absorbed what I know over a lifetime of strange and mystical experiences, starting as a child. It’s a life’s calling for me. I’m sure if you move to New Orleans and ask around in some of the shops that sell supplies for spells you could find someone who will teach you some things but for me, it has been a development which came naturally, aided by a lot of synchronicity as I went along. I’ve done a tremendous amount of reading, research, experimenting, group spellwork, immersion in many different religions, and followed my own natural inclinations and curiosity to get where I’m at now with it.

You can start with some books on the subject. Reading is required, lots of it.

Generally my feeling is that if you were meant to be one you know it, or things from almost the beginning of life all lead up to that realization and come together at some point. You don’t say to yourself hey I think I will become a witch. I was one long before I realized it, based on all the strange things that have happened to me along with my interests in so many subjects that are needed. You have to be well rounded in your life’s education.


@misscrystal I feel like a life story about your "strange and mystical :crystal_ball: experiences " would be such an amazing story to read! I bet most of the stories are pretty intimate within your personal life, but I’m sure that they’re stories that are unmatched by many. Those types of stories also intrigue me. Sorry if this is off topic!

Not gonna lie, when I just grazed over this post, my immediate thought was, well Miss Crystal, you should write a book. Just thought I’d throw that out there.


A lot of people have told me to write a book but I don’t have the patience, and also don’t want to meet with all the skepticism out there. As an empath I am rather sensitive. Just about any type of strange encounter or weird inexplicable experience you can think of has happened to me.

Life teaches us what we need to learn and it’s not just one lifetime, but a lot of them.
So I seem to be at a point that I am being shown a lot of strange things, one after the next, in this one.


Hi @misscrystal ,
Thank you very much for your reply.Sorry I’m late here.I was truly expecting a reply from you, because sometimes when I watch the series I remember you too.

I think your life is amazing… and the experiences you have… You said group spell work right? You are very lucky…
I’ve seen they were testing group spells in the series. That’s amazing…

There’s a person - a traveler in the series, sometime I hear voices same like him, but in sleep. I hear someone whispers to my ears…I can feel it goes like a tornado into my ears.

Once I went to a person and she said some spirits are with me,so she gave me something to wear around my hip.But I still hear them. I think I can find what are they If I started to learn witch craft and things…

Can you please recommend me some good books to read?
I’m not sure I can find them in Sri Lanka but I’m gonna try…

I found some university courses in today’s afternoon when I was searching about it.But do they really teach true spells and all about that??

I feel like it’s a gift… a gift from a special someone… I feel like the real thing is hidden and they are only allowed for few people… who truly values it and I feel like it’s hard to get…because real people not gonna write everything in a book… just like how you do too… There maybe be more secrets…

Thank you again for your reply.


As for books I wouldn’t know where to start. I started first learning to meditate every day at the age of 12 with a book called The Secret (no not the famous one everyone knows by that name) and the meditation opened up my third eye chakra so that I was able to experience other realms. I also value The Way of Zen a lot, but for each of these you need to be ready to hear the messages in them. As I said, this path I’m on did not begin in this lifetime.

Those are not books about witchcraft. But mysticism and spiritual realms play such a big part of witchcraft that it helps a lot to know as much as possible about other dimensions. I wouldn’t try to cast any spells without this kind of background, along with channeling spirits for a long long time first. It is a foreign land to us mortals, and there are pitfalls and traps that you have to know how to avoid.

And I was raised as a Christian and attended Bible school as a child and do not dismiss that at all. It is also a part of what I believe in, along with teachings from some other religions. Voodoo, Hoodoo, Root Work, Native American Traditions, Hindu, and others are also there, and it all blends very nicely.


Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts @misscrystal … I will find and read books. My mom always says to do meditation… but yes I did so many years ago… not now… I will start it too…

Same as you, I was raised in a Christian background, My school was also a Christian one, I was singing in the church on Sundays… but I’m Buddhist… I love Hindu gods and I sing their mantras… I love them… actually I feel something more when I sing them…

Thank you for your time… I truly appreciate your replies with all the respect.


You can’t please them all, I’m sure there are many people out there, people who admire your work would love to learn more about your witchcraft + coven.

I agree with @bradencollins10 I think people would flock to buy your book if you wrote one. Even, if it’s about people being curious. If a book is not your cup of :tea:. Maybe a Documentary with you sitting in front of the :movie_camera: camera (maybe, different sceneries - sorta like The day in the life of Miss Crystal). If it does well, ya never know it could be picked up by a major network. I think that could be another option. I mean, with your fascinating extensive life & work experiences, and whatnot it could be a remarkable thing.

Long Island Medium (TV show) featuring Theresa Caputo it’s her 12th season I believe. It comes on TLC. I’m sure people are skeptical of her (calling the show scripted) but that doesn’t stop her or her success.

@anjaleelive1 Mr. Google should help, just google witchcraft books for beginners and you will find a huge selection of books.


Yes I can’t forget Google … and I never did … Thank you @nikavoice.