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With 400+ impressions and 160+ views, can anyone tell me why I am not getting my first ORDER?

:disappointed: :cry: HI, fiverr family… its more than two weeks and I am still waiting for my first order. can anyone please help me out why I am not getting work…
here is a link for my gig
for overall profile link is

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Here is your issue. You can’t just wait for your order-- go out and market your gigs, whether that is outside of Fiverr or by replying to some buyer requests just to get the ball rolling. Find out what helps you get sales/who your audience is and try to sell to them. You can’t just wait.


Hi there, you should make unlimited revisions at this point delivery in 24 hours and dails use your 10 offers in buyer request as this is golden chance to get an order.
And make attractive gigs.


I might be wrong but I think it’s because you use an Indian woman for profile picture, but you always say ‘we’ in the description, it’s confusing. You might want to change your profile picture to your company logo if this is your team’s account.

Second, you’re from India but you provide male American or British English Voiceover. If you’re a native English speaker living in India, you might want to tell that in your bio, otherwise it’s confusing.

Thank you so much for your advice… :slight_smile:

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Thanks a ton for your advice… :slight_smile:

Profile picture changed as per my company logo and profile description is also updated as per your advice… thank you so much :slight_smile: