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With Lot of confution, I submitted my first gig

Well, I am totally new in Fiverr and to be honest, never done any freelancing work earlier. This is my first time I am doing something like that. I actually a blogger, I visited a regional blog and fond an article about Fiverr. Though I almost knew most basic info and how it works, never paid interest to it. Whatever, that article turned me and that’s why I posted my first gig here: . Still confused anybody buy it or not, still in a fix anything I missing or not… Maybe experienced users can replay a useful speech that can help me… still dont know I either get a replay or not.

Always respond buyer request daily. you have daily 10 options.

you can hire me to be your assistant i will help you analyse gig and more tips.

thank you for your replay… That seems I have done quite good with my gig.

Welcome to Fiverr. Your thumbnail on your gig is the first thing people see when they are searching. Make sure it is attractive and shows them what you are offering and it makes them want to click your gig. It also needs to be optimized so it looks good really small. Like on the Fiverr App.