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With my numbers i should have more orders

5 orders, 7 gig and have over 1k views on almost every gig…

With my numbers i should have more orders… ?:neutral_face:

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Hi Michele,

Just cuz you have a lot of views doesn’t mean it should automatically translate to orders.

In fact, despite having a lot of views, if you are still not getting orders, it means that prospective buyers are viewing your profile, and then, probably moving on to some other seller (due to lack of interest in your gigs). This may be due to any number of factors (gig description, gig pricing, improper/inadequate use of the FAQ section, etc.).

This means that you probably have some room for improvement to improve your gigs and make them more attractive to your prospective buyers.

Another thing I’d like to point out is that: since you only started your Fiverr journey in August, I’d suggest that you be a little more patient (there might not be any inherent issues with your gigs as such… just that, sometimes, you have to wait it out…)

You already have at least 3 orders completed… that’s actually a wonderful achievement… considering the fact that you’ve been on Fiverr for less than a month.

In the meanwhile, you could also try and market your products to target audience outside of Fiverr (for example, social media or forums or wherever they might be) who might be interested in placing an order via one of your gigs (please note: all communication and payments should be done via Fiverr).

If you work on these things, hopefully, you will be able to achieve a higher order conversion rate in the future :pineapple: :sunny:

Good luck!


Thanks for your tips man!

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You’ve said it all.

Thanks for the information.

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Views and past orders do not translate into future orders, unless you have returning buyers.

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