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With out any reason my gig went back

Hi, Hope you are well brother & sister :heartbeat: I have a question to you all. My gig move 3rd page from the 1st page :cry:. That day I just received 2 order but I don’t know what’s going on here :cry:. What can I do now. This is really frustrating & disappointment for me :sob:. Thanks in advance!

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It’s called Gig Rotation.

Fiverr moves Gigs around to make it fair for everyone.

Fiverr does not work like Google as you do not need to be on Page One to get noticed by Buyers.

If anything, be sure that you have properly identified your Gigs/service by using the correct categories so when a Buyer searches for “article writing” (as an example) your article writing Gig appears in that search.


You already dealt with this once.


Thanks for your suggestion :heartbeat:

Yes, I posted these. So ?

So, maybe do what you did last time to fix it?

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