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Withdraw balance from Locked account

hi all,

today i am asking you something. my friend account is locked 6 month ago. he had some balance in his account that he earned. he can not withdraw any.

now he try to withdraw his balance. so i suggest him to contact support team.

he already submitted over 10 request from last month. but even now he don’t get any reply from fiverr support team.
what can he do now? please can anyone help?

Why do I have the feeling that it was your account that was banned? Why isn’t your friend the one asking for help?


What I don’t understand: why are you asking for help for your friend, instead of your friend asking us directly? :slight_smile: Are you (or your friend) hiding something? Or are you that friend? It’s just that there’s something not adding up here…


You already submitted 10 requests to support with no response so that is your answer.
You lost the money in your closed account. Fiverr is holding the money apparently due to terms of service violation.


We are Sellers/Buyers we cannot help you/your friend with this sketchy situation.


10 tickets on the same topic is spamming.


he can not login his account. so how he directly ask here something without login? his account is disabled.
so please help.

@Woofy31 we work like as a team.
he can not able to ask here directly. because his account is disabled and he is not available to ask here without login. he also don’t have another account.
if there have any method that anyone can ask question without login then tell me please. i will tell him to ask directly.
please don’t misunderstood.

We do understand. It is not uncommon for friends of people with closed accounts to come here to ask how to get the money out of them for their friends, to help them.

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what can we do… please help. can he get help from CEO?
his account was unexpectedly disable by a bad client report. but he done his works well.
fiverr don’t lookup the matter and disable his account.
please help. he also not get reply from customer support.he submit many tickets.

We need to talk to your friend. Tell him to come here and talk to us. We can’t advise you to tell your friend.

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in order to reply in this conversation he must be login. but he can not able to login his account. it say account disable. will he need to open a new account?

The only people who can help with locked accounts etc. are customer services - sorry, but there really is nothing any of us here can do.

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Only Customer Support can help. We’re just sellers and buyers, there’s nothing any of us can do for your friend.

Sending multiple tickets on the same topic is spam. It’s possible that Customer Support isn’t responding to your friend because they have marked his tickets as spam.


How did a bad client disable his account?

@misscrystal he report to fiverr for disable his account and refund.

so fiverr don’t notice my friend and don’t try to understand or check up the real matter.
they directly disable his account.
maybe you know how hardy to make a good seller profile.

You have done all you can as his friend here. We can’t help your friend. You can’t help your friend. It is nice of you to try and spend all day here posting messages but your friend might not get his money from fiverr. I hope he understands when you tell him that.


if fiverr don’t reply to a ticket then what can he do? if he will not get support?

yes i know that here’s only buyer and seller. but i want to ask that if there any way to contact with support team?

or if not then there are guaranty of seller profile. they will anytime locked anyone top rated profile and don’t give chance to withdraw existence balance.

He can try to accept the bitter truth that he may not get his money.

it’s very bad…
why fiverr don’t give his earning?