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Withdraw button redirects me to fiverr homepage, no message or email

This is my first time withdrawing, I have waited more than 14 days for my funds to clear, and become available. My paypal account is setup and verified, same email as my fiverr email. The withdraw button is enabled, yet when I click it, it only redirects me to the homepage. Contacted fiverr support more than 24 hours ago, have not received a response. I don’t get any message about a verification email or anything of the sort. Anyone else having this problem, or just me?

Reply to @kjblynx: Hello, I had already tried that before, in fact I tried using IE, Chrome, FireFox, other computers, and my phone, and all had the same problem, so its not browser related. CS just contacted me, informing me that my funds should become available in the next 24hrs. Let’s see and wait.

I just want to update the status of this problem, CS has now contacted me and I was able to make the withdraw. The withdraw button now allowed me to insert my paypal information, and make the withdraw. Thank you for your help.