Withdraw dispute problem


What happen if I withdraw dispute?


I’m guessing the order won’t be cancelled and you’ll have to deliver it?


I have delivered it before creating a dispute. Then what happen to that delivery. If you know please tell me.


Not sure why you’d want to cancel after delivery - you might need to tell us a bit more…


Buyer is so bad. He is using many sellers to the same task. I always send a sample and make sure to ask from him whether he is satisfied or not. He was 100% satisfied with my work before delivering. Therefore I delivered the order. After a day he told me. Quality of these photos are not good and he found another seller to do that


been there, in my experience nothing better than to move on and focus on other job.


Right - if you withdraw your dispute, the buyer will be able to keep the photos, leave whatever feedback etc.

I would approach CS with your problem - your buyer may well be trying it on with other sellers - CS will be able to find out if he is.

So, keep your dispute going, but contact CS as well - good luck!


Can he still leave a review even though I ask to cancel the order


Not if you’ve gone for mutual cancellation, and he agrees.


i don’t think the buyer will give you good review though. a bad review is worse than a cancelation. because they will be displayed on your account


I sent the dispute yesterday. But he didn’t accept it yet. Thank you all for helping me.


Good Luck!
I hope you get this sorted out



i have one question can the seller dispute again after withdraw? reason is may be buyer not online for the whole dispute time because if seller not withdraw order is automatically cancel