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Withdraw earnings from fiver to my local bank account in Nigeria

Hey guys i need help, i need to know how i can get my money from fiverr and paypal isn’t an option as it is banned in my country, plus people are saying negative things about using payoneer as well


There are two options (plus direct deposit for USA citizens): PayPal or Payoneer. That’s it. Payoneer can also be used for bank transfer.

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I use payoneer, and it works pretty well for me.

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Thanks for the reply, you are a nigerian as well right…i was wondering if you could walk me through how you linked your account (i also don’t want to use their debit card i heard it comes with a lot of charges) and how you withdraw from payoneer because i heard there are issues with withdrawal amount and sometimes people’s withdrawal don’t actually reach their local bank(i use Firstbank)

I’ll be very grateful if u can help me out with this…its has been bothering me for a long time


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From revenues page, you will see 3 buttons, Paypal Account, Bank Deposit and Fiverr Revenue Card.

Clicking on either ‘Bank Deposit’ or ‘Fiverr Revenue Card’ button takes you to a page where you link your payoneer account (you can create or link an existing payoneer account)

After that, clicking the ‘Bank Deposit’ button sends the money to your bank account directly through payoneer, while ‘Fiverr Revenue Card’ sends it to your payoneer account.

I haven’t experienced any issue withdrawing either to my bank account or payoneer card.

Check payoneer’s website for their charges on each withdrawal method.

Wow, thanks…i thought the bank deposit option doesn’t work for nigerians…how much is the fee for using this option please( the direct from fiverr to my Firstbank account option)

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@xtivity Hey please i just made my first withdrawal today and i did it using bank transfer like you said(thanks). The money is in my payoneer account now. I was wondering

will payoneer automatically redirect the cash to my bank account (as i thought that was the essence of bank transfer straight to my bank account). or will i do that myself in payoneer.

The money ought to be sent directly to your bank account. BTW, did you link your bank account to your payoneer and fiverr as your funding source?

You can withdraw to your bank account from payoneer at this point, I doubt it will be sent unless you initiate the transaction.


@xtivity yeah i did i added my account and it was approved or is there any other way that it should be done
Shouldn’t the money be sent to your payoneer account first before going to your bank(they said before it gets to my bank it would take 3-5 business days)

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How long did it take for the money to reflect on your Payoneer account?

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Please I really don’t know how to go about this. I am from Nigeria and the payoneer account I linked to my fiverr account had been block and I have I want to use a friend payoneer account to link to that same fiverr account but payoneer has refuse to unlink the previous account that is block and I can’t link a new payoneer account without unlinking the first one.

I don’t really know how to withdraw my fund

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payoneer is good bro

Thanks guys for this discussion. I am just starting out on Fiverr from Nigeria and I was wondering how to go about withdrawing earned funds to Nigerian account knowing how Paypal treats us here.

If I got it correctly, the way out is:

  1. set up payooner account as a Nigerian.

  2. link my Nigerian local bank account to Payooner,

  3. While withdrawing fund from Fiverr, use Bank Deposit option on Fiverr to enable me link my Payooner account with Fiverr.

  4. That way the money ought to go straight to my local bank account.

  5. If for any reason the money lodges in my payooner account, from payooner I should initiate deposit into my local bank, Charges applies. And usually takes 3-5 working days to arrive at local account.

Hope I got it correctly. Anything I am missing please?

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@tonychima360 Remember, for first withdrawal from your payoneer to your local bank… The minimum you can transfer is $200 for first time, but subsequent withdrawal is minimum of $50…

And yea, it might take 3-4 working business days for the money to land in your local bank…

I hope this help?

@bodmas…Yea thanks so much

Please I want to know how much % Payooner charges for each withdrawal. What about Fiverr to Payooner, do they also charge? What %?

In any case, I dont even have option… Lol

Cool one @bodmas thanks for sharing that. Wondering how fair is the exchange rate you sell to the exchanger

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@tonychima360 420 …

Avoid this, it’s a payoneer rule violation.


If you add your account number directly to your Payoneer account (not through Fiverr), you will be paid in naira and in a day.