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Withdraw earnings from fiver to my local bank account in Nigeria

@tonychima360 You are the one to initiate the transferring of your funds to your bank account… Payoneer won’t help you to press the button to transfer it, press the button yourself and they will process it.


now its change to minimum amount is 25$

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Please how does it work, I have created a payoneer account and also linked it to my fiverr account but do I need any payoneer card?, and how much do payoneer charge f withdrawal o my local bank

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@abdulicon Check this out:

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What!!!, like for the first time I must have $200 to withdraw?

Hello… Please can you help me? I’m from Nigeria too and I’m a new seller. I want to know the minimum amount you can withdraw from payoneer and how exactly to go about it. I’ve been reading a lot of posts but I see different results and it’s confusing. I think I’ll prefer someone who already has the experience. Please help me :pleading_face:

Personally It was upto $200 before I was allowed to make my first withdrawal. I guess that will still be rule till now

I don’t know what negative things you’ve heard about payoneer, but that’s what i use here as a nigerian and it’s fine for me.

There are two options: paypal or payoneer. Whether you want to or not, if you are selling here, you’ll have to choose either of these

$50. That’s what their official website says

Ahh… It’s much oh!
Then after that I can withdraw any amount right?
Thank you very much.

You’re a Nigerian too? Thank you for replying. I guess you have the experience I need. Did you have up to $200 before you made your first withdrawal?

Yeah i did. I wanted the money to be big before withdrawing. But payoneer’s official website actually says you need a minimum of $50 to withdraw.
They also add this

A common question is what are the minimum and maximum amounts you can withdraw to your local bank. This depends on a couple of different factors such as your specific bank and the currency of your bank account.
You can easily check the minimum and maximum amounts your able to withdraw to your local bank under the " Amount to Withdraw " field on the withdrawal screen.

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Okay… Thank you very much :blush:

Hi, I think Payoneer would be great. There is no any problem and we are using Payoneer.

Yea and Paypal is not usually an option if you are a Nigerian in Nigeria as recieving of fund is not allowed for us unless you are using a business paypal account

My only misgiving against payoneer is the terribly low exchange rate they are using. Usually %10 less than official market. That is rediculous buh I doubt we really have an other legit option

Yea it is Idera. It is not easy to the first 200 the first time you are starting out. But you just have to keep pushing, looking for better way of doing what you are doing, creating as many gig as possible even if it is same type of services but you have to use diff gig description. You can also research other services around your niche you can offer.

It is a journey of lots of trial and error. That road many don’t want to travel. But if you keep at it, it will pay off I believe


I see… Thanks a lot

10% less?? Wow! That’s low :frowning_face_with_open_mouth:

Yeah… I agree with you. Thank you very much Tony. You really helped in motivating me.

I said 10 Dollars less the official exchange rate