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Withdraw from fiverr to payoneer problem

Can anyone tell me i have been connected my fiverr account to payoneer account, but now when i click on payoneer bank transfer they only send me code, and not any email of transfer money? why?


As I know When you will try to add your payoneer account for bank transfer option , You will get code for verification .After phone verify ,you will get an email with the link by which you can connect your payoneer account with your fiverr account … After adding your payoneer account you should not get any code or mail(at the email which one connected with your fiverr account) when you will withdraw your revenue throw that option … You will get mail each time at your payoneer email when you will withdraw your revenue .

Actually after adding the payoneer account with your fiverr account ,the full control of that option goes to payoneer … Even you can not remove payoneer account from fiverr without contacting payoneer… They will not notify at your fiverr email . They will notify at your payoneer email …


Thank you for information
But i have been set my fiverr account to payoneer now and i want to withdraw now but the fiverr is also sending me code and saying for mail but doesn’t get any email

If you have already added your payoneer account then you should not get any code or email… Can you share us a screenshot of that so that we can find out the problem.

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problem has been solved, can you tell me please how much days it will get to transfer the amount from payoneer to local bank?

This will take 2-3 days .It can take for time for off days of bank …


Hello there any onw i am facing the same issue how i can solve it please tell me


They will take few minutes like 15 to 20 minutes and then you will receive the e-mail of transfer amount in your Payoneer account. :slight_smile:

Hi there ! Is anyone facing this problem currently? I have been able to withdraw a couple of times already but this time I can’t ! I’ve been trying for weeks now and customer support isnt much help !!

I have connected one payoneer account with my fiverr account. Can anybody tell me how to change this linked payoneer account with another one? i just want to switch my payoneer account

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its been weeks, im trying to withdraw money from fiverr. Ive tried connecting payoneer but everytime they say, ‘payoneer card issuer approval needed’. through fiverr customer suppost, ive canceled the application twice and aplied again but same thing keeps on apearing. cant i connect my bank directly? or even if i have to withdraw though payoneer, how will this work? kindly, Help me out

Please how did you get that problem solved?

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Once you connect your Fiverr account with Payoneer account then don’t go for immediate ‘Bank Transfer Payoneer’ option, leave for 1-2 hours then try again later it will work.


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