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Withdraw funds to skrill


Can I withdraw my funds directly to my skrill account?


May be you can’t brother.


No, You can’t.

Fiverr only allows you to transfer your money to Paypal or Payoneer. No third option.

(as long as I know)


Exactly, you can withdraw paypal or payoneer only.


Thanks for help guys


You can withdraw to Payoneer and then to Skrill or Revolut afterward. Revolut is actually better than Skrill but availability will depend in your location.


I think you can withdraw with only these things: paypal, paynoeer or bank account :wink:


No way.
Only payoneer and paypal


No, No, No you can’t. Fiverr does not recognize skrill as a platform to withdraw funds. You either use PayPal or Payoneer


If you ever like to gamble via Skrill, Payoneer won’t allow you to move money to your Skrill. Very odd though, as Payoneer does allow you to move money to your bank account, and you can do whatever you want with your money then.