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You’re misunderstanding, saying I’m incorrect because I’m saying the same thing you’re saying. The differences are present because of the factors that companies incorporate in the rate they charge. It isn’t the companies deciding what the differences are between currencies because the economy determines that. There are differences because of what the companies add on or don’t add on to that existing rate, not because they are determining the economy. We’re literally saying the same thing.

I was speaking in relation to:

“You would have to pay the exchange rate either way. I don’t see why you’d be losing “more” money doing the conversion in PayPal vs Fiverr.”

“In any case, my point was that cost saving isn’t the reason you would want currency exchange in Fiverr because that doesn’t happen and that isn’t its purpose. It is easier and faster to do conversions in Fiverr than it is in PayPal.”

I’ve just explained why would you be losing more money in PayPal vs Fiverr, as well as why it is about cost and not convenience.

I understand what you are saying about the exchange rate being the exchange rate but you are not understanding what I’m saying about company’s repackaging their fees into their publicized exchange rate and then promoting that as THE exchange rate. It’s very common practice and important to make the distinction, otherwise based on what you are saying, the 0% commission places would be the best place to exchange because they advertise no fees, so the you must get the most money (but you don’t because they advertise a worse exchange rate - not the exchange rate and a breakdown of fees). Fiverr also doesn’t say anywhere what it’s conversion fees are and to the uninitiated the withdrawal exchange looks like I would receive all my money but instead I’d actually be losing more. So it’s very important to state that whilst there is an interbank exchange, the exchange rate you often see publicized when changing money isn’t that.


Okay that isn’t the comment you responded to.

If you look at my comments, you’ll see I just hadn’t realized that PayPal and Fiverr rates are different because I am not seeing that difference on my end. That doesn’t mean I don’t understand how repackaging works, as I’ve explained that I do several times.

My not identifying the difference in this particular case (PayPal vs. Fiverr) doesn’t mean I don’t understand that rates can differ across companies. As I’ve explained many times, I know that they do and I know why. I’m just not seeing this particular difference on my end and that’s why I didn’t see the profit difference.

For anyone reading this thread, I believe it’s important to highlight the distinction otherwise they may read your initial replies and think the same about PayPal vs Fiverr, as you’re right, it isn’t very clear and easy to miss, that’s why I brought it up. Enjoy the rest of your evening :slight_smile:

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I appreciate that, but you didn’t need to make me look ignorant in the process.

Have a good night.

I think that’s a bit of an unfair assessment. You were very forthright in telling @miiila about her own finances without the full facts (although she did break it down) and as someone observing that for the first time, it could be very easy to mistake the information. My reply simply clarified and cited sources for anyone who wished to learn more about it.


I never, ever referred to “her finances.” That’s quite a misrepresentation, yet I’m the one being “unfair.”

I clarified my point multiple times that company fees account for the differences.

I explained why, if you have multiple currencies to withdraw, it’s easier to convert in Fiverr than in PayPal. In PayPal I used to have to withdraw each currency separately, or go through several steps to convert one currency into the other one. The poster said herself that she hadn’t had to do that so didn’t know it was more work.

None of that is specific to the poster in question or her particular finances. It is all discussion about the issues.

Saying I’m talking about her finances means that I’m being personal and that reflects poorly on me. I was explaining concepts and clarifying my points. I never, ever got personal.

This is you talking about finances. If you want me to change the wording of my statement, then it would “This is where you talked about Miiila’s personal experience with converting money”.

You seem determined to have an argument, so I think it best to just leave it there.


As I said, I never, ever talked about her personal experience with money. Nothing was remotely personal and your supposed evidence it was personal proves that it actually wasn’t. If you don’t want an argument, don’t make me look bad in a public forum.

Nothing I said pertained to her personal finances. Nothing.

Good night.

Ignore; some just want to be right all the time and can never admit being wrong. Your analysis is on point.


How? (Difference b/w PayPal and Payoneer.)

Experience. :grinning:

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