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Withdraw initiated 8 days ago, haven't received it yet

Hello, it’s been more than 8 days since I initiated withdrawal via Fiverr to PayPal, but haven’t received it yet. It said I’ll receive my fund within 7 days. What might be the reason for the delay? Can I cancel withdrawal initiation?

Update: Guys make sure your email address in PayPal is verified. Mine wasn’t that’s why I was unable to receive the funds. Thank you everyone who tried to help.

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You would need to either contact Fiverr customer service or PayPal to find out where the money is or went. When I transfer my earnings to PayPal, it is there within a matter of minutes. I am in the U.S. have a verified/business account with PayPal, so, not sure if that makes a difference.


Do you have any idea on how to contact Fiverr customer service?

You can Submit a ticket here
or mail at