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Withdraw initiated but not received in paypal

Hi guys,
I have initialed withdraw from my earnings on 16 Nov 2020, it says Withdraw Initiated and I received an email saying :
We have good news! Your revenue, in the amount of $16, was sent to your PayPal account. It may take a few days for your funds to appear in your PayPal balance.

But I can’t see any transaction in my Paypal account, it says zero transactions.
Please help me out.


I also have same problem with withdrawal. initiated for $4 but still withdrawn in progress. I too need help in this.

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If you are indian and trying paypal then you are doing a big mistake… actually by initiating the payment you have already done the mistake…

So now just wait for 1 month for that amount to again come back into your fiverr account, and also telling this to the customer support won’t also help as it requires 1 month for this kinda issues so you will be getting back your $16 on dec 16 2020 onto your fiverr account…

In the meantime create a payoneer account verify that account and learn to use it too then after you receive your payment again in fiverr you can again withdraw but this time dont choose paypal choose payoneer and you will get your money in bank so dont worry…