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Withdraw issue

I have available funds but no option to withdraw. When i hover on Paypal or Revenue card it shows “withdrawal in process”. What might be the issue

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I believe it is because you recently requested a payout to your fiverr card and until this payment clears, you won’t be able to withdraw again. I requested a load three days ago and have the same screen like you as in not being able to withdraw. In a few hours my funds will clear at payoneer and my guess is that I will be able to withdraw again after that. I will let you know if this is the case. Also remember that you can withdraw only once per day.

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Update: My payoneer funds cleared but it still says “withdrawal in progress” after one hour, so yes, there might be an issue.

I withdraw money from payoneer 1 month ago and its already completed
and i have created a ticket to support but they didn’t reply till now, it has been more than a day

I believe I know what the problem is. fiverr uses ipn functions to flag withdrawals as completed. I checked my withdrawal history and it says that a withdrawal is currently being made.

So my guess is their ipn functions were busy when payoneer posted back that the withdrawal was successful, so fiverr doesn’t “know” the withdrawal took place and cleared, so the system still waits for the ping back from payoneer.

I also started a ticket about this.

Suggestion: Have a look at your revenues and click the small link below the amount that you have transferred. You will then see your withdrawal history and I am pretty sure it will also tell you that one is in progress (red font) which has not cleared in their system.

The link should be:

for you. My guess is that your last withdrawal also still shows as Withdrawal Initiated an that fiverr simply didn’t get the callback from payoneer, so the system believes that you are still waiting for your last withdrawal.

Yea that’s correct there is red colored text and title “Withdrawal Initiated” but there is no “Withdrawal Completed Successfully” above that.
so what would be my next step to solve this issue


It’s what I thought then. fiverr didn’t get the call back from payoneer so the system believes that you still have a withdrawal pending and doesn’t let you do it again. The only way is to contact customer support and asking them to flag it as completed manually. Then you should be able to withdraw again.

Their call back interface was probably busy or there are issues between the handshake of payoneers and fiverrs servers. This can happen for many reasons like wrong server times on either one of the two servers or simply because one of both servers was overloaded.

Only customer support can flag the last withdrawal as completed and then we should be fine :slight_smile: If you contacted them already, don’t contact them again, as it will make things slower if there are multiple tickets.

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ok Thanks buddy

You are more than welcome :slight_smile: Let me know the outcome if you get a reply. I will do the same in case my ticket updates first.

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Good news, I have talked to customer service and they said they are aware of this issue and it will be resolved soon. Withdrawal is working on my side again, so I am hopeful the issue is resolved for you also.

Good luck :slight_smile:

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I’m facing the same issue. I have available funds but bank transfer option is inactive and I’m unable to withdraw funds. Did you received your payment?

Contact customer support and select technical issue and they will get back to you within most likely 24 hours and solve it. They just have to set a flag to withdrawal completed and you can withdraw again.

Is it all okay now?

Hello, I’m facing an issue during withdraw from fiverr into payoneer, I don’t receive my money.
If I take withdraw from payoneer i receive money soon within 1-2 days max.
before few days, I had tapped withdraw button in fiverr to take withdraw into payoneer they sent me an email that direct money will be delivered to my local bank, that shouldn’t be, because if i don’t want to take withdraw into my locak bank then?
First it should load into my payoneer and it depends on my choice either i want to take withdraw or not from there.
Plus fiverr also deducted an additional amount of 3$ for transaction.

Anyone can help me on this?

As it’s a Payoneer issue, why not ask their customer service department for some help?

But when i take withdraw from freelancer and upwork into payoneer i get payment soon, it’s just a case with fiverr.